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Vastu Tips: How do the eight directions of Vastu affect your life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 20 Oct 2021 10:16 AM IST
Vastu Tips
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We often hear that directions play an important role in a happy life. Directions affect our lifestyle. Especially the house where we live or the office where we work or the place where we spend maximum time. Directions are very important for everyone and the entire Vastu Shastra is based on directions.

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Who does not wish to make life happy, free from stress and happiness and prosperity? For this, as much as there is a need to balance and restrain our lifestyle and thinking, it is also very important that the condition and direction around us are right. We will tell you what is the importance of directions in life and which direction means what for someone. It is also important to know the effect of lighting, air and maintenance of household items on everyday life.

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Follow Vastu rules, bring freedom

Many things have been taken care of while building a house for centuries. For example, in which direction should the main door of the house be, how and in which direction the kitchen should be made, what should be the direction of sleeping room or children's room, where and how should the windows be, where should the cupboard be made or placed, toilet or In which direction is the bathroom, etc. Earlier there was no shortage of space, there was facility to build big houses and houses were built with utmost care keeping in mind the basic elements of Vastu, but in today's era a house is a dream for a common man and his life especially in metros. confined to flats. Big apartments have started being built and builders are earning crores of profits by building hundreds of flats in less space.
Despite this, keeping the basic principles of Vastu Shastra in mind, you can bring happiness to your home, climb the ladder of success and shape your future. This time we will tell you about those eight directions according to Vastu Shastra, after knowing the specialty of which you can take some necessary precautions in the initial phase. These eight directions are – East, West, North, South, North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West.

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Importance of directions in Vastu

Due to being the direction of east-sunrise, positive and energy-filled rays enter our house from this side. It is considered auspicious to have the main door and window of the house in this direction for the long life and child happiness of the owner of the house. Children should also study in this direction. If a mangalkari toran is placed on the door in this direction, then its positive effect is more.

West - The comparatively high ground or floor of this direction is a good sign for your success and fame. It is best if your kitchen and toilet are in this direction. This direction is the opposite direction of solar energy, so it should be kept closed as much as possible.

Answer- Having the entrance of the house in this direction is very auspicious and beneficial. The maximum number of windows and doors should be in the north direction. The balcony and wash basin of the house should also be in this direction. If there is a Vastu defect in this direction, there is a loss of money and obstacles in career.

South- By keeping heavy items on the land of this direction, the members of the house become happy, prosperous, and healthy. The locker of the almirah should also remain in the same direction but it increases. There should not be any kind of opening, toilet etc. in the south direction.

North-East - This direction is known as the 'Ishaan direction' is the direction of 'water'. In this direction, there should be boring, swimming pool, place of worship, etc. It is considered very auspicious from the point of view of Vastu to have the main door of the house in this direction.

North-West - It is also called 'Vayavya direction'. If there is a servant in your house, then his room should also be in this direction. Your bedroom, garage, cowshed etc should be in this direction.

South-East - This is the direction of 'Agni', hence it is also called Agneya direction. In this direction, there should be gas, boiler, inverter, etc. There should be no opening in this direction i.e. window, the door at all. The home owner's room should be in this direction.

South-West - If you want stability in life, then it is necessary to do Vastu dosh of the South-West part of the house. This part has the most magnetic energy. Therefore, it is believed that if documents related to money, jewelry, or investments are kept in this direction, then it is most beneficial. There should be no water source here. Toilet or kitchen is also harmful in this direction. That is, keep this corner away from water or fire. This is a positive energy direction, so it should be used in that way.
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