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The last lunar eclipse of the year will take place after Divali, the effect will be on these zodiac signs

My jyotish expert Updated 01 Nov 2021 08:26 PM IST
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse - Photo : Google
The last lunar eclipse of this year is scheduled to take place on 19 November after Diwali. Diwali is on 4 November, which will receive a lunar eclipse a few days later. This will be the second and last lunar eclipse of the year. Earlier on 26 May 2021, the first lunar eclipse of this year was imposed. When the shadow of the Earth blocks the light coming from the Sun, the lunar eclipse occurs. In this the moon falls under the sub-shadow of the Earth, causing a partial or complete lunar eclipse

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According to astrologers, this lunar eclipse will not be seen in India. However, for a moment, this lunar eclipse will definitely be visible in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in India. This lunar eclipse in India will look like a sub-eclipse.
This lunar eclipse is mainly visible in the Americas, Australia, East Asia, Northern Europe, and America. According to astrology, this lunar eclipse will be in the constellation of Taurus and Kratika
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According to the time of India, the lunar eclipse will start from 11:34 am on 19 November. This eclipse will end at 5:33 pm in the evening. Of 19 November
The day is the full moon date of the Shukla side of Karthik Mas. The full moon date is mentioned in the scriptures. It is said that on this day Bhagwan Vishnu incarnated Matsya
This last lunar eclipse of the year will also have a great impact on the zodiac signs. Let us know what amount is affected by this lunar eclipse


This lunar eclipse will be in the constellation Taurus and Kritika. That is why this lunar eclipse will not be good for the people of this zodiac. People born in Scorpio and Kritika constellation need to be very careful on this day. People of Taurus day Avoid getting into a debate. People of this zodiac should think well before starting any work. During this time people of Taurus should avoid traveling and live in solitude


Aries zodiac needs to be careful during the lunar eclipse. Avoid traveling during the eclipse. Mental stress may be encountered. Confusion can be created in front of those who are in this zodiac. One should try to avoid confusion. Those who have this zodiac ego And speech defects should also be avoided. Loss can also be caused by controversy and tension
Worship Lord Shiva to avoid the effects of the eclipse. Also keep reading the text of Hanuman Chalisa. Apart from Scorpio and Aries, there will also be the effect of the lunar eclipse on Virgo, Libra, and Sagittarius.

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Sutakkal will not be valid in India

Chandrakriya will not be seen in India, hence its Sutak period will not be valid in India. Whenever the eclipse seems to occur, the Sutak period has special significance at that time. Many things are taken care of in Sutakkal. Worship and eating are considered taboo in the Sutak period
In the Sutak period, the remembrance of God and the chants should be chanted continuously. One must take a bath after the lunar eclipse is over. Those who are pregnant women have to take special precautions at the time of the eclipse. During this, worshiping Lord Shiva is considered auspicious
According to astrology, when the lunar eclipse is complete, its effect is greater. Sutak's rules are followed only at the time of the complete lunar eclipse. If there is a subchain, then the laws of Sutak are not followed in this


What is a left eclipse?

Whenever the lunar eclipse begins, Before that the moon enters the subhead of the earth, But when the Moon does not enter the actual shadow of the Earth and comes straight out, it is called a subhead eclipse. When the moon enters the actual shadow of the earth, Only then is it considered a complete lunar eclipse. Otherwise, the eclipse is not considered a real lunar eclipse. 

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