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Maha Shivratri : know the Significance, History , importance of Maha Shivratri

MyJyotish Expert Updated 01 Mar 2022 12:08 PM IST
mahashivratri 2022
mahashivratri 2022 - Photo : google
Conch or Shankh isn't utilized in the worship of Lord Shiva, you all must know this thing. At an equivalent time, within the worship of Bholenath, they're not even given water from the conch shell. Yes, there's a reason behind this, which we are getting to tell you today.

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Story - consistent with a legend, once Radha had gone out of Goloka somewhere, at that point, Shri Krishna was doing a Vihara together with her friend named Virja. Coincidentally Radha arrived there. Radha became angry after seeing Krishna with Virja and began calling Krishna and Virja bad. Lajjavash Virja river started flowing.
While taking note of Radha's wrathful words towards Krishna, Krishna's friend Sudama came during a rage. Sudama took the side of Krishna and began lecture Radha in passionate words. it's said that Radha got angry after seeing this behavior of Sudama. Radha cursed Sudama to change state as a demon. crammed with anger, Sudama also cursed Radha to change state during a human vagina stupidly of harm. With the curse of Radha, Sudama became a demon named Shankhchur. At an equivalent time, there's a mention of Shankhchur, son of Dambha in Shivpuran too. Tell everyone that he became the master of all the three worlds under his power and began torturing the sages and saints.
At an equivalent time, Lord Shiva got angry by killing Shankhchur. thanks to this, water is obtainable to the Vishnu and other Gods and Goddesses from the conch shell, but Shiva ji slaughtered Shankhchur thanks to which the conch is taken into account taboo within the worship of Lord Shiva.

Mahashivratri 2022: Send these wishes to your loved ones on this occasion for god's blessings

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