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Mahadev Special: Know, things which are forbidden to offer Lord Shiva for desired grace

My jyotish expert Updated 02 Jun 2022 09:54 AM IST
Lord shiva
Lord shiva - Photo : Google
Monday is the best day to worship Lord Shiva. He should be worshipped on that day with a sincere heart. It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva to Jupiter also gives twofold results. Because the day of Jupiter is of worship of Shiva and worshipping on that day with a full heart increases its fruit. Shiva also has his own rule of doing what is to be offered to him or not, it is necessary to take care of all these things. Because Shiva is a recluse. That abode is Samshan.

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 Let us know what is forbidden in Lord Shiva worship 

  Basil leaves

Tulsi's leaves are not offered to Lord Shiva because Lord Shiva killed Tulsi's husband Jalandhar (Udand Rakshasa). By the way, Shiva is innocent, whatever way you worship him, he becomes acceptable to him, but do not offer Tulsi or offer it on Shivling.

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 Do not use the conch shell
Conch is used in every worship recitation. Sometimes it is played in the middle of the puja and sometimes before the start of the puja. But the conch shell is not played in the worship of Lord Shiva because Shiva killed the conch shell with his trident, after which his body was consumed and the conch was born from that ashes. The reason is that neither the conch shell is blown in worship nor Abhishek is done.

 By the way, turmeric is considered auspicious. Turmeric is used in the worship of all gods and goddesses. It is believed that Shivling is the form of a man and turmeric is a woman's item and Lord Shiva is a recluse, so it is forbidden not to offer turmeric.

Red flower
If seen, all the Gods and Goddesses offer different flowers to them. Offering red flowers to Shiva is prohibited. Somewhere there is such a belief that we can offer only Kaner and lotus flower in red flower to Lord Shiva. But sometimes only red things are prohibited.

 Coconut water
It is said that coconut water is not offered to Lord Shiva. Nor can it be used in Abhishek. It is believed that the vow you are taking to worship is not successful.

  Ketki flower
 It is believed that Ketaki's flower had supported the lie of Brahma Dev, due to which Lord Shiva got angry and cursed Ketaki. Due to this Ketaki flowers are not offered to Shiva.

It is believed that vermilion is a sign of the marriage of women. The same Shiva is seen as the destroyer, so Lord Shiva is forbidden to offer vermilion.
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