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Know these 5 special things about Mahashivratri, which are very important.

MyJyotish Expert Updated 01 Mar 2022 01:42 PM IST
mahashivratri - Photo : google
Know these 5 special things about Mahashivratri, which are very important.
All Shiva devotees wait for this day throughout the year. Today, the festival of Mahashivratri is being celebrated all over India with great pomp and gaiety. Today you will see Shiva temples decorated everywhere. There is an influx of devotees in the temples. Lord Shankar and Mata Parvati got married on this day. On this day Shiva devotees want to please Lord Bhole. Seeing the devotion of the devotees, it seems as if on this day the devotees want to do all the talking with their God.

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The importance of today is different. There is a different happiness and freshness in the atmosphere. On this day, Bhagat makes every effort according to his ability to please his God. Some devotee does kirtana, some devotee wants to please Lord Shiva by worshiping all the four quarters. In many temples, on this day Shiva marriage is done with complete rituals. So in the same temples, on this day thandai, fruits are distributed as prasad.
Lakhimpur kheri: Worship at the frog temple of Lakhimpur kheri gives the desired fruit
Along with the wishes of happiness and prosperity, wishing you all a very Happy Mahashivratri. May Mahadev keep showering your blessings on all of you. Let us know about these 5 special things which are very important to know.
1. Energy in the human body climbs upwards according to nature.
 Shivratri occurs on the fourteenth day of every moon and before the new moon day. On this day the energy within man rises upwards. In the Indian calendar, the Shivaratri that falls in the month of Magha is called Mahashivratri. On this day nature truly helps in increasing the energy in the human body. The basic aim of yoga and spirituality is to take man from his limits to limitlessness. For which the most essential is the basic process.
2. Different importance for different people.
 Mahashivratri is significant in many ways. Those who are leading a family life, they consider the day of Mahashivratri as the marriage anniversary of Lord Shiva. For the ascetics and ascetics, this is the day when he became one with Kailash and merged into Mount Kailash, becoming Achaleshwar. All the saints and sannyasis had kept all their knowledge safe in Mount Kailash, so they all celebrate the day of Mahashivratri as a day of stability and peace.
3. Keeping the spine straight throughout the night opens up many possibilities.
 As we know that on the day of Mahashivratri, the energy in the human body moves upwards. Therefore, we should wake up keeping our spinal cord straight, so that nature also helps us in our sadhana. All human development is related to the upward movement of energy. When any spiritual monk does spiritual practice, his basic aim is to take the energy upwards.Mustard oil anointing on Mahashivratri will give relief from debt, destruction of enemies and victory in cases
4. An overnight festival of music and dance.
 Music and dance are the two most important elements to experience Mahashivratri which helps one to get absorbed in the worship of God. The day of Mahashivratri is
incomplete without music and dance. Devotees absorbed in the worship of Shiva should come closer to the Lord through music. This keeps his mind calm.
5. Significance of Panchabhoota Worship
 The basis of the entire creation including the physical body is the five elements i.e. Panchabhutas. The purification of the five elements in the human body can make the human mind happy. This process proves helpful for the welfare of the human body. There is a complete system of yoga called Bhoota Shuddhi, which means cleansing of the elements.

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