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Mantra Chanting: Keep this one thing in mind while chanting mantras to please the Lord

My Jyotish expert Updated 23 Nov 2021 04:38 PM IST
Chanting Mantras
Chanting Mantras - Photo : google
Chanting the mantra is the most effective and powerful way to please the deities and get their grace. According to religious scriptures and astrology, there is a lot of power in mantras.

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If chanting is done in the right way and with full devotion, then it does not take long to get the grace of God. There are some rules for chanting every deity, like which garland should be used for chanting, which time would be right to start chanting etc. Today we know that for which deity the rosary should be used for chanting.

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Lord Shiva:

Use Rudraksha beads to chant Lord Shiva. With this Lord Shiva will soon be pleased and fulfill all the wishes.
Goddess Lakshmi:

For a life full of happiness and prosperity, the grace of Goddess Lakshmi is very important. Therefore, always chant Lakshmi Mantra with a lotus garland.
Lord Vishnu:

To please Lord Vishnu, chanting with Tulsi and sandalwood garland is good.
Goddess Saraswati:

The mantras of Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, should be worshiped with a garland of crystals. This will also give money and the mind will also be calm. Wearing a rhinestone garland does not even touch the person negatively.
Lord Ganesha and Devguru Brihaspati:

The mantras of Lord Ganesha and Devguru Brihaspati should be chanted with a garland of turmeric. It doesn’t take long to get the results.
Maa Kali:

The mantras of Maa Kali should be chanted with a garland of black turmeric or indigo lotus.
Maa Amba:

To please Mother Amba, chant the mantra with a garland of crystals.
Maa Durga:

Performing the mantras of Durga Maa with red colored sandalwood garland (blood sandalwood) gives very effective and quick results.
Lord Krishna:

To get the blessings of Lord Krishna, chanting with white sandalwood garland quickly fulfills the wishes.
Lord Sun:

For a successful and happy life, the grace of Sun God is very important. Use ruby or bel wood garland to chant their mantras.
Chandra Dev:

The mantras of Chandra Dev should be chanted with a garland of pearls. Doing this also keeps the mind calm and balanced.

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