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Palmistry: This line On your plam indicates the special grace of mata lakshami

My Jyotish Expert Updated 22 Nov 2021 11:45 PM IST
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The line present in the palm is considered very special. There are many types of lines present in the palm, such as health line, life line, heart line, head line, apart from these lines, there is one fate line. This line is not present in every person's hand. Through this line the fate of the person is ascertained. The fate line of a person's palm shows how much success that person will achieve in his life. The person in whose hand this line starts from the lower part of the palm (which we also call the bracelet) and goes upwards to the mount of Shani on the middle finger, that person is considered very lucky. The clear and deep these lines are, that person is very lucky. Maa Lakshmi's grace always remains on such people.

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There is such a line in the hand that tells how lucky you are and how your financial condition will be. This is considered a very important line. According to astrology, this line starts from the top of the wrist in the palm and moves towards the mount of Saturn. Many people also have two fate lines in their hands, while many do not have a single fate line in their palms. Know important things related to fate line i.e. luck line.
Such fate line is auspicious
Those people whose fate line starts from the top of the wrist and reaches directly to Mount Shani without cutting in the middle, then such people are considered to be rich in luck. According to astrology, people who get such a line, there is never any shortage of money in their life. Luck favors them in every field. People with such line do not have to struggle hard to get success.

Success is available in career

Those people whose fate line ends as a ladder on their palm, such people can achieve success in any field on the basis of their hard work. People with such line have the power to change their fate with their hard work. There is no dearth of happiness in the life of those people whose palms are facing towards the mount of Jupiter at the end of the fate line.

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Make your own identity

People who have other branches coming out of the fate line in their palms, then such people achieve good success in their field of work. People with such line get progress in anything very quickly. These people do not have any money related problems. Such people live by making their own identity in the society.
Fate line being wavy:-
People who have a zigzag fate line in their palm, they have to deal with some problems in their career field. Such people are not able to get their desired job. People in whose hands the fate line passes from the mount of Jupiter to the mount of Mercury and if it is adjacent to the line of the Sun, then they also have to face difficulties in their career.

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Have to work very hard 

People who are cutting many lines on the fate line on their palms, such people have to work hard to get success in any work. Such people take a decision after a lot of thinking. They are only successful to some extent in making a career in the field in which they want to make their career. The nature of such people is a bit irritable.

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