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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Mars Transit 2023: Mars will transit to Gemini, these zodiac signs will receive a special blessing, know

Mars Transit 2023: Mars will transit to Gemini, these zodiac signs will receive a special blessing, know

MyJyotish Expert Updated 18 Mar 2023 09:39 PM IST
Mars will transit in Leo on 20 July 2021
Mars will transit in Leo on 20 July 2021 - Photo : google
Mars Transit 2023: Mars will transit to Gemini, these zodiac signs will receive a special blessing, know

The zodiac sign of Mars is going to be very special in the transit of planets. Mars is going to transit in Gemini, due to which the people of this zodiac are likely to get wealth and progress.

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Apart from this, there is also a time for an increase in enthusiasm. According to astrology, planets transit from one zodiac to another from time to time. Whose effect is being seen directly on human life and on earth. Mars is going to transit in Gemini. The effect of which will be seen in the natives of all zodiac signs. Along with this, its effect will also be visible in the world, let us know for whom the transit of Mars can prove to be auspicious.

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Effect of Mars transit in Gemini on zodiac signs

The zodiac change of Mars can prove to be auspicious for the people of Aries. Because Mars is the lord of your zodiac sign. At this time it is going to transit in the third house. Whose courage, and bravery is going to increase. You will also be able to see some changes in the relationship with siblings. At this time your courage and might will increase. Along with this, people whose business is related to foreign countries can get good benefits. You will be able to solve any situation easily. Those who work in property, real estate and real estate can get good profits during this period. But there can be some estrangement from siblings. That's why to keep restraint on your speech.

The transit of Mars can prove to be beneficial for you. Because Mars will be in the Ascendant of your transit horoscope and will influence your actions. That's why all the work that has been stuck for a long time is getting completed. Respect will increase in society. On the other hand, the students who are about to take the exam at this time can be benefitted. Also, traders can benefit from getting good orders at this time. On the other hand, for those who are looking for a job, their wish can be fulfilled at this time. But at this time avoid any kind of debate. Avoid anger.

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Virgo sun sign
The transit of Mars can be beneficial for the natives of Virgo. Because this transit is going to happen in the 10th house from your zodiac sign. That's why old investments can be beneficial at this time. Along with this, there can be a tremendous increase in income. On the other hand, this time will be auspicious for those who want to study abroad. At the same time, you can earn money in the stock market, betting and lottery. But take the decision wisely. Love life can be a bit stressful, at this time working calmly can give good benefits.
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