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Nirjala Ekadashi 2022: Know the Do’s and Dont's of the Fast

My Jyotish Expert Updated 06 Jun 2022 04:40 PM IST
Nirjala Ekadashi
Nirjala Ekadashi - Photo : Google
Fasting on Nirjala Ekadashi is highly important. It is stated that anyone who fasts on this day is cleansed of all sins. Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshta month is held this year on Friday, June 10. By perceiving this quickly, one gains virtue and achieves success in life. Is. This is something that anyone, male or woman, can perform quickly. She'd been on a Nirjala fast. This fast is thought to be a manifestation of Lord Vishnu's might. Her glory is supposed to be magnified on this day. Women are more likely to keep this fast.

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On the day of the fast, after having a bath, rise early and worship Ekadashi, then fast and resolve to follow the Nirjala fast. Also, provide water to the Sun God.
* On this day, you should dress in yellow. Keep fruits out of the fast and don't eat anything on this day.
* If you are fasting on this day and are physically weak, you can drink water and yet conduct a profitable fast.
* Tamashii food should be avoided on Dashami and Ekadashi days. You have to fast because you have to.

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Rice is forbidden on Ekadashi according to the Padma Purana. It is said that anyone who consumes rice on this day will reincarnate as a crawling worm in the future life.
* If at all possible, avoid salt consumption on this day. Eat rock salt if you want to eat. It is not prohibited to use rock salt.
* Paan should not be eaten on this day since the Vishnu Purana says that God likes Paan so much that he eats it. If at all possible, you should take pleasure in it.
The next day, it can be served as Prasad.
* There is a period for paran on the next day after fasting on this day; you will practice paran only during that time. And I won't be able to accomplish it at any given time.

You should contribute to the impoverished on this day. If the fast falls during the summer, you should give the needy an umbrella on this day.

* On this day, you contribute to the best of your ability. To the needy, such as blankets, cereals, and clothing. This results in virtue. You may also give fruits in addition to this.
* On this day, inanimate animals and birds are given water to drink. Keep water beneath the roof or under any shade tree if at all feasible.
* It has been suggested that you practice celibacy throughout the Nirjala Ekadashi fast.

* It is thought that on this day, gram and jaggery should be donated.
On this day, if at all possible, avoid consuming anything from outside. Maintain total sattvikta while doing this. Its produce is unquestionably available.
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