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People suffering from Shani need to follow these

My Jyotish Expert Updated 26 Oct 2021 10:23 PM IST
People suffering from Shani need to follow these
People suffering from Shani need to follow these - Photo : google
The worship of Shani Dev has special significance in the month of Kartik. This time there will be 4 Saturdays in the month of Kartik. You can avoid the wrath of Shani Dev by taking all the measures on Saturday.

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Shani Dev
Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. It is said that the grace of Shani Dev can make a devotee a king from a beggar, but if he gets angry with someone, he tortures a person physically, mentally and financially, that the person cannot recover easily. If you are also going through Shani's Sadesati, Dhaiyya or Mahadasha, then today is a very auspicious day for you.
Today is the first Saturday of Kartik month. The importance of Shani worship increases much more in the month of Kartik. Starting from today's Saturday, worship Shani Dev in all the Saturdays in the month of Kartik and take measures related to him. With this, all the troubles related to Saturn can be removed.

There will be 4 Saturdays in the month of Kartik
There will be 4 Saturdays in the entire month of Kartik. The first is today i.e. 23 October. After this, the second Saturday will fall on 30 October. The third will fall on November 6 and the fourth on November 13. The month of Kartik is considered to be a very auspicious month and is called Uttam month. Worshiping Shani Dev in this month can remove all your troubles.
Effect of Shani's Dhaiya and Sade Sati on these 5

Do these measures daily to change the fate, luck will shine, Hanumant will shower blessings

At this time 5 zodiac signs are facing the wrath of Saturn. Saturn's dhaiya is going on on Gemini and Libra and Saturn's half-century is going on in Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. Apart from this, the month of Kartik is very auspicious for those zodiac signs on which Saturn's Mahadasha is going on. If such people take measures related to Shani Dev, then they will benefit greatly and their sufferings will be removed.

These remedies will work

1. Leave five red flowers and five burning candle in the economic problems that are facing the river on Saturday night, water, money from it executes problems will start off.
2. Feed a paratha baked with mustard oil to the black dog or feed it with mustard oil in the roti. Shanidev is pleased with this.
3. The month of Kartik is the month of worship of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Lord Vishnu resides in Peepal. In such a situation, keeping a lamp of mustard oil under the peepal also gives the blessings of Shani Dev along with the grace of Narayan and all the troubles are removed.
4. On Saturday, put black sesame seeds in water and offer it on Shivling and chant Om Namah Shivaya Mantra. After this, sit in the temple and chant Shani Mantra and read Shani Chalisa. This will be of great benefit.
5. On Saturday, take out mustard oil in a vessel and see your face in it and donate that oil to any needy. This also removes the troubles related to Saturn.

Some such things related to Kedarnath Dham included in 12 Jyotirlingas that every Shiva devotee must know
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