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These zodiac signs tend to break promises

My Jyotish Expert Updated 26 Oct 2021 01:10 PM IST
Zodiac sign
Zodiac sign - Photo : My Jyotish

 Pisces people often do not keep their promise.  Therefore, the people of this zodiac think many times before making any promise to anyone.
 If the center of the sun and the plane of the Earth's orbit spread all around in the universe, then it will form a kind of box in the universe.  If we divide this box into 12 equal parts, then we will see that some star group comes in these 12 parts.  Our earth and the planets revolve around the sun or to say it in this way that the sun and all the planets pass through these 12 star clusters relative to the earth.  This does not happen with any other star group, so these 12 have become important.  Our ancestors gave some shape to this constellation and they came to be called zodiac signs.

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 There are some people who never stick to their words.  Some people break their promises.  It is said that it takes a lot of courage and strength to stick to one's promises and words.  The easier it is to make a promise, the more difficult it is to keep it.  A total of 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets are studied in astrology.  According to astrologers, according to the zodiac and horoscope of a person, information about his nature and future can be gathered.  Four such zodiac signs have been mentioned in astrology, in which people born never keep their promise.  Know which are those four zodiac signs-
 The nature and qualities of every person are different.  Some have a habit of contemplating more, while some have the habit of earning money.  Kai keeps getting into the books, so no one has time to roam around.  Talking about the 4 zodiac signs, everyone has different qualities.  In such a situation, we are going to tell you about such zodiac signs, in which there is a great urge to move forward.  Simply put, these people are the most competitive.  In the race to move forward, they overcome all the difficulties and achieve victory.  Know which are these four zodiac signs, whose people are full of competitive qualities.


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  Gemini:.  Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac of astrology.  It is believed to originate from the constellation Gemini.  The third sign of the zodiac is the symbol of the zodiac, the young couple, it is the zodiac with distance.  .
 They always present themselves as power towards their spouse.  Along with this, due to domestic reasons many times there is tension among themselves.  Due to the combination of Mars and Venus, the person has a wonderful ability to test female diseases.  They have a good knowledge of vehicles, they have a lot of attraction towards new vehicles and means of pleasure.
 Their inclination towards home decor is seen, due to Mars, the people are firm in their words, Guru is the king of the sky.  So both of Rahu and Guru together increase the divine element in the person.  People of this zodiac have an innate ability to know about the universe.  It is simple to know about their aircraft and satellite.  By meeting Rahu with Shani, education and power arise within the person.  The work of the person is towards education places or electricity, petrol or outside works.
 One is able to work by staying about one and working whole life remains fruitful day for them.  Those who do it at home and indulge themselves in social and religious works, the master, who is the master of knowledge, takes them to the departments of defense etc. to provide them with the help of Mars.  The person remains entangled in his own thoughts due to his own reasons.
 Gemini is the sign of west direction, which is born in time.  He is said to be of Gemini zodiac.  Mercury's metal is mercury, the nature of these people is going up and down in the heat, reading the mind of others, farsightedness, versatility, ability to work more cleverly.  Or they get success only in the works of intelligence, people of this zodiac become skilled diplomatic and political from their self-born mother.
 And journalist writers, media personnel can also become planners of languages, so friends, today I have told you about Gemini.  To know in detail about your horoscope, definitely visit this page of Acharya, according to astrology, the people of Gemini zodiac never fulfill their promise.  People of this zodiac often break their promise.  Although they do not do this intentionally, but due to the circumstances, they are not able to stick to their words.  Therefore, often think many times before sharing any of your things with the people of Gemini.

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  Taurus: The people of Taurus are often unable to fulfill their promise.  They promise anything to anyone in a hurry, although they have to repent later. The people of Scorpio zodiac are as soft and sensitive from inside as they are tough on the outside.  However, when it comes to dominance, the people of this zodiac tend to be super competitive.  You are ruled by Pluto, the planet that rules power and rebirth, so you believe in keeping yourself strong.  It is said that till the time the people of this zodiac do not see their desired results, they do not like to eat or sleep.  It is said that it takes a lot of courage and strength to stick to words.  Many people make promises to others at that time to end the matter, but do not keep it.  As easy as it is to make a promise, it is difficult to keep it.
 Out of 12 zodiac signs, there are 3 zodiac signs whose nature is such that they make promises but will fulfill them or not, it depends on the situation.  It is said that such people make a promise to the other person at that time to favor the situation, but at the time of fulfilling it, it is not confirmed whether they will fulfill their promise or not.  After making a promise, one should stand on it, stick to it.  Words should have value.  But for some people it becomes difficult to fulfill.  It is said that it takes a lot of courage and strength to stick to words.  Many people make promises to others at that time to end the matter, but do not keep it.  As easy as it is to make a promise, it is difficult to keep it.

 Pisces: It is also said about the people of Pisces that they do not fulfill their promises.  Therefore, the people of this zodiac think many times before making any promise to anyone and promise only when they can fulfill it.  It is very difficult for the people of this zodiac to keep the promise.
 Libra: According to astrology, the people of Libra zodiac are considered very bad in fulfilling the promise.  They share people's things with others in a little difficulty.  Therefore, with the people of this zodiac, you should share your personal things with care.

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