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Jupiter will be transiting on Capricorn, know how it will effect you

My Jyotish Expert Updated 26 Oct 2021 09:09 PM IST
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 As a result, astrology is called that science in which the auspicious and inauspicious effects of planets and stars on man and on earth are studied.  The yogic meaning of the word astrology is the knowledge related to planets and constellations.  Although this word also refers to mathematics (principle) astrology, yet ordinary people take the meaning of the science that results from astrology.  According to astrologers and Panchang, on Monday, October 18, the planet Jupiter will be transiting in Capricorn at 11:39 am.  Jupiter will enter Aquarius on 20th November 2021 at 11:23 am.  So let's know, what will be the horoscope of all the 12 zodiac signs of this transit.

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 1. Aries: For Aries, the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius is happening in the eleventh house.  You will have a good time.  There will be happiness and prosperity in the family.  If you are a businessman then profit is being made and if you are employed then there is a possibility of promotion.  If marriage has not taken place, then yoga is being formed.  There are also chances of buying a house and doing some good work.  Overall your future is bright.

  2. Taurus: Jupiter is transiting in the tenth house of your zodiac.  This is a good time for career but problems may arise in business and job.  Arguments are likely.  There is a need to be cautious in married life.  Health may deteriorate.  Avoid transactions, otherwise you may have to suffer losses.

  3. Gemini: Jupiter is transiting in the ninth house of your zodiac.  You will get full support of luck and family and stalled work will be completed.  If you have to focus on your goal then you will definitely get success.  Overall, this transit is going to have a positive effect for you.

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- 4. Cancer: Jupiter is transiting in the eighth house of your zodiac.  This house indicates sudden things in life.  There may be sudden gains or losses.  You can be cheated.  This time is also not good for health.  You need to be alert and spend this time working with your mind.  You have to avoid doing evil and mistakes, otherwise heavy losses may have to be incurred.

  5. Leo: Jupiter is transiting in the seventh house of your zodiac.  This house is the house of spouse and partnership.  This means that there will be happiness in married life and if someone is doing partnership business then there will be profit in it.  Financially, this time will be good for you.  Employed people should stay where they are now.  Don't invest anywhere now.  There can be ups and downs in health.

  6. Virgo: Jupiter is transiting in the sixth house of your zodiac.  This house is the house of disease and enmity.  This time is going to be difficult for you.  But if you work smartly then you will overcome the problems.  Employers and businessmen need to exercise restraint.  Especially taking care of health is also important.  Financially this can be a challenging time for you as your expenses may increase.

  7. Libra: Jupiter will transit in the fifth house of your zodiac, which is the house of love, romance and children.  This transit is positive for you.  Sweetness will increase in married life and if you are unmarried then there are chances of romance or marriage.  If you participate in the competitive exam then you can be successful.  This time is also suitable for your children.  You just have to control your food and expenses.

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 8. Scorpio: Jupiter will transit in the fourth house of your zodiac.  It is the feeling of happiness and mother.  You have to control expenses.  There is a possibility of an argument with someone.  Health may deteriorate.  Take special care of children, that is, take care of their health and their safety.

  9. Sagittarius: Jupiter will transit in the third house of your zodiac.  This transit will be very lucky for you.  You need to show more might.  There are chances of marriage and travel.  If you are unemployed, you will get a job.  It is important for you to leave laziness and start running after your dreams because this time is favorable for you.
 10. Capricorn: Jupiter will transit in the second house of your zodiac.  This is a good time to make a career.  The employed and business class should not take any risk.  Happiness and prosperity will increase in the family.  It is a good time financially, but if you are investing, then do it wisely.

 11. Aquarius: Jupiter will transit in the first house of your zodiac.  If you are doing any work in partnership with someone, then you will get benefit in it.  This is an excellent time to change jobs, change cities and invest money in a new business.  Overall your future is bright.

  12. Pisces: Jupiter is transiting in the twelfth house of your zodiac.  This house is the house of loss, foreign gain and salvation.  You may face many problems during this period.  You have to control expenses.  Stay away from enemies.  Be careful in married life as there may be misunderstandings.  This transit is also not good from the point of view of health.

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