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Palmistry: These lines on the palm give indications of getting the desired job

My Jyotish Expert Updated 05 Sep 2021 01:31 PM IST
Palm lines for desired job
Palm lines for desired job - Photo : google

It is the dream of every youth that after completing his studies, he will get a good job. He works hard to fulfill his dream. Many people get the job they want very quickly,  then there are some people who even after trying many times, have to make rounds of the offices. The question arises in the minds of people that why do some people get jobs sooner and some after working hard. You get the answer in palmistry astrology. Let us know in which lines the job signs are hidden on your palm.

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  • Those people do not face any kind of problem in getting a job, in whose palm the fate line comes straight out and meets on the mount of Shani. This line on the palm is a very auspicious and beneficial line in life. Such people get the desired job at a very young age. Apart from this, these people sit in high positions while working in the job.
  • In astrology, Shani Dev is considered to be the karaka planet of employment. If a person has a bulge in the mount of Shani in the palm and also there is no cut mark at that place, then the person is likely to get a good job. Such people get the job quickly with little effort. Apart from Saturn, there are also two planets, Sun and Jupiter, which are considered to be the karaka planets of employment. If the Jupiter and Sun mountain are raised on the palm of the person, then the person gets the desired job.
  • According to palmistry astrology, the headline on the palm also indicates a good job and starting a business. Those people whose headline is very clear and clear on the palm, also get the job they want and in less time. On the other hand, there is a bulge in the moon mountain on the palm, with a line going towards the mount of Mercury, it is a line that gives auspicious results. Such people get good jobs and success in business.
  • If a chakra mark is seen on the palm of a person above the mount of Saturn, then such people get a high position in the job.
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