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Plant Vastu- Know why you should avoid keeping bonsai at home

My Jyotish Expert Updated 09 Sep 2021 09:44 AM IST
Avoid keeping Bonsai at home
Avoid keeping Bonsai at home - Photo : Google
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Plants not only bring greenery around us but also bring vitality to the home. There is no doubt that this greenery helps in beautifying any place or building. That is why many people plant trees in their homes as well as in the office.  In any case, living in a natural environment brings many positive results in life. Therefore, they must be used in the same way as they find a place. It is also morally necessary to do so, as it protects the environment as well as relieves pollution. However, sometimes people use varieties of plants to decorate their homes or offices, which are not suitable for their lives. According to Feng Shui, using such plants leads to obstacles in life. You also learn about such plants. Planting home also enhances the beauty and improves health, but one should never apply bonsai at home. why? Let us know

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1. Keeping certain types of plants at home increases negative energy, such as hawthorn plant damages by keeping them anywhere in the habitat or office. Its small forks increase negative energy.
2. Applying bonsai stops the development of the house. Bonsai (a miniature form of a tree) Also keeping trees of nature in the house blocks the path of progress of the inhabitants there. Bonsai trees that look beautiful in this way act as a poison in your prosperity. It is also advisable to give up it.
3. Dried and wilted plants should not be planted at home.
4. Plants that have thorns or milk from them should be used very carefully.
5. If it is not possible to plant a plant or a tree in the house, applying the shape or picture of the auspicious plant also increases the compatibility.
6. Keeping bonsai at home is believed to hamper the progress of the members. The paths are closed.
7. Bonsai may look beautiful, but it damages your prosperity. So try not to keep it at home.

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If you are fond of plants, your hobby is very good. Greenery not only looks good but is also very good for health. Vastu Shastra also has rules for planting trees. The places for planting trees are also fixed. In the Vastu shastra, the trees should be planted according to their size. Similarly, bonsai is not considered auspicious to be installed at home according to Vastu shastra. 
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It is believed that bonsai is an enhancer of negativity in the house. Not only that, it prevents the development of the house. So let's know according  to the Vastu shastra, do not plant any kind of plants at home:
Know this before applying bonsai at home
1. While plants bring positivity, some plants also increase negativeness. You should avoid planting hawthorn at home or in your office. It increases negativity.
2. Bonsai may look beautiful but putting them at home is a deterrent to the development of the house. You can apply it outside the house.
3. Bonsai if you apply it indoors it causes your money loss
4. Thorns should never be planted in the house. The sour the relationship. Do not plant the trees from which milk comes out at home because they are going to spoil your fortune.
5. Never let dry, wilted, or rotten trees stay in your home. Remove them immediately or they will increase negativity.
Before planting plants at home, you must follow the rules of Vastu as it is linked to the happiness and prosperity of your home.

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