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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Rahu Remedies 2022: Know how to escape the deep impact of Rahu on marriage and relationships

Rahu Remedies 2022: Know how to escape the deep impact of Rahu on marriage and relationships

My Jyotish Expert Updated 25 May 2022 05:55 PM IST
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Rahu's placement in the seventh house will have a significant impact on marriage and relationships with life partners. The seventh house is particularly important for a marriage. The sub lord of the horoscope's seventh house is also significant. In the moving horoscope, the seventh house must also be considered. In the Navamsa chart, there is also a significant controversy about the seventh house. Many disagreements arise when Rahu is present in the house of partnership. Rahu in the seventh house brings an extremely smart life partner to the native. Rahu represents your wants and passions. The individual in the seventh house is looking for the perfect spouse.

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Marriage might be slowed down by Rahu.
The most common reason for marriage postponement is the phrase "ideal companion." Because Rahu is egotistical and hungry, he seeks a companion who can finish his task. The marriage will be postponed in such a case. Rahu in the 7th house may make you enthusiastic about anything, from sexual satisfaction to finding the right spouse. A native's need for perfection and excellence in his mate is common, and a guy who seeks perfection can never be content easily. Rahu in the 7th house is an ideal companion seeker.

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Rahu may be perplexing.
Rahu's influence also creates an illusionary trap within the individual. When he first becomes engaged with someone, he is overjoyed after he meets the perfect person in the proper size, but when he marries his partner, his fantasy fades and he believes the true picture emerges. It begins, and the person feels defrauded as if he has been duped. Nobody is to blame, yet striving for perfection is a form of insanity in and of itself. His naivety and ignorance, as well as his intense ambitions to be the ideal mate who would bring security, love, and physical intimacy, persist. He was never aware of his error. So, the next step is to play the 'blame game,' which either separates the couple or causes them to never trust each other but stay together to maintain their family life, resulting in a miserable married existence with covert adulterous relationships.

When Rahu is in the seventh house, the person is more likely to engage in extramarital affairs. Rahu is the planet of desire, and it is born by a great desire to satisfy one's enormous, obsessive sexual urge. Because human birth is supposed to fulfill your needs, Rahu in the seventh house makes you prone to sexual pleasure. Rahu in the seventh house provides sexual experience. The location of Mars and the lord of the seventh house can also influence whether sex is good or poor.
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