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Reeling under Chandal Yoga in horoscope? Perform these measures to get positive results

my Jyotish Expert Updated 29 Sep 2021 07:05 PM IST
chandal yoga in horoscope
chandal yoga in horoscope - Photo : google
In case there is Chandal Yoga in the horoscope, it doesn't permit you to take the products of difficult work, by doing these actions, you will get full outcomes.

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Commonly, Even After Our Many Efforts, We Are Not Able To Succeed In Any Work, Even After Millions Of Efforts Of The Children, They Are Not Able To Read. Even After Having All The Facilities, They Do Not Get Complete Success, Those Children Are Not Able To Complete Any Course Or Degree Incomplete, Or The Numbers Are Very Less In Them. Commonly Children End Their Studies And Career Prospects Even Due To Bad Company. There Are Many Reasons For This, But Chandal Yoga Is The Main Reason In The Horoscope . Because of The Presence Of This Yoga In The Horoscope, The Child Often Falls Into The Wrong Company Or Habits And He Is Not Able To Study Properly. Tell Us What Is Chandal Yoga And How It Can Be Done

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What Is Called Chandal Yoga
As per Jyotishacharya, The Combination Of Rahu And Jupiter Is Called Chandal Yoga. On the off chance that Rahu Comes In One Sign With The Guru ,, It Is Called Chandal Yoga. Jupiter Is The God Guru And Rahu Is A Demon. At the point when Both Are Together Then Guru Is More Affected, Rahu Is Of Demonic Nature, Brihaspati I.E. Devguru Is A Decent Man. At the point when A Demon Sits With A Decent Man, Then He Is Only A Civilized Person. All His Good Deeds Will Be Corrupted, Brihaspatidev Represents The Saints And He Is Also Considered The God Of Knowledge, Due To This Rahu Creates Obstacles In The Field Of Knowledge, Religion And Spirituality. Because of The Formation Of This Yoga In The Horoscope Of A Person, The Person Suffers In The Field Of Religious Activities, Religious Gurus, Education. There Is Also The Possibility Of Natural Disaster And Violence.
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This Is The Meaning Of Chandal In The Scriptures

The Scriptures Refer To Those Who Do Cruel Deeds And Lowly Deeds By The Word Chandala, Rahu-Guru Conjunction Is Called Chandala Yoga Because When Knowledge Disappears Then A Person Commits Cruel Deeds. On the off chance that Jupiter Is Under The Influence Of Rahu, The Actions Become Cruel, Because Even After Having Knowledge, One Who Commits A Sin Is Called A Chandala. The Chandala Is Considered To Be Of A Lower Rank Than The Rakshasas. One Who Commits Sins Or Lowly Deeds Due To Ignorance Is A Demon, But Commits Sin By Omitting Knowledge, Causing Pain To The Learned, Is Called A Chandala.
Cure Of Chandal Yoga In Kundli 

In the event that Chandal Dosh Is Formed In The Sign Of Guru Or Friend Of Guru Or In Exalted Sign Of Guru, Then In That Case We Have To Pacify Rahu By Taking Remedies So That Guru Can Give Us Good Effects. For The Peace Of Rahu, After The Chanting Of The Mantra Is Completed, A Havan Should Be Done. After That The Law Of Making Donations Etc. Has Been Told. On the off chance that This Defect Is Being Formed In The Enemy Sign Of Jupiter, Remedies For Both Jupiter And Rahu Should Be Taken.

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Cure If It Is Formed In The
 Travel Horoscope, If There Is An Effect Of This Yoga In The Transit Horoscope, Then It Is Necessary To Take The Above Remedy. Do Chanting And Charity Of Rahu. Take Shelter Of A Qualified Guru And Serve And Get Blessings. Control Your Speech. Work on Socializing. Take The Opinion Of The Elders While Taking The Decision. Regard Your Parents And Elders.
Revering Banana Worshiping
Banana Will Be Beneficial For The Strength Of The Guru. Shri Hari Is Pleased With Banana Worship And Rahu Gets Scared.
Quiet Rahu
In the event that Guru Chandal Dosh Is Formed In The Sign Of Guru Or Friend Of Guru Or In Exalted Sign Of Jupiter, Then In That Case We Have To Take Measures To Pacify Rahu. So The Guru Can Give Us Good Results.
Solutions for Both Guru And Rahu
On the off chance that This Defect Is Being Formed In The Enemy Sign Of Jupiter, We Have To Take Measures For Both Guru And Rahu. Mantra-Jaap, Worship, Havan Related To Guru-Rahu And Things Related To Both Will Have To Be Donated.

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