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Remedies for money and financial growth 2022

My Joytish Expert Updated 17 Feb 2022 08:46 PM IST
remedies-for-money-and-financial-growth-2022 - Photo : Google

Remedies for money and financial growth 2022

Dhan Vriddhi Ke Upay: Ever since the dominance of humans has increased on the earth, humans have been domesticating animals, and among them, the animal that is most domesticated by humans is dog i.e., dog, as loyal as a dog. The fellow human being has no one else. The dog already senses the danger that comes with being loyal and gives signals of any untoward incident to its owner in the past through different gestures. Often, we have seen people keeping black dogs in homes. It is believed that keeping a black dog in the house is auspicious. There are also some interesting facts about having a black dog. I will talk about it today. 

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1. The first vehicle developed by Shani Black dogs is considered a vehicle for Shanidev, so people also have black dogs to please Shanidev. It is also believed that negative energy does not enter where the black dog is. 
2. Sir Bhairava's servant According to the scriptures, the black dog is Sir Bhairava's servant, and Bhairava Baba is pleased to feed the dog. There is also the belief that by making dogs happy, Bhairava Baba does not allow eunuchs to walk around. 
3. Interfering with the happiness of children If the happiness of the child is an obstacle, it is believed that you need to have a black or white dog. It is also believed to be beneficial to the health of the child. Giving a black dog bread also frees you from debt.
4. Face the impending crisis of the owner the dog seems to be taking the trouble of the owner. Black dogs also help get rid of phantom obstructions 
5. Neutralize negative forces Dogs are more loyal than humans, and dogs can also see the future to come. Dogs have the power to neutralize the negative forces that spread in space. 
6. Kalsarp Dosh is finished According to astrology, giving Roti to a black dog eliminates curl sap dosh and other painful defects. 
7. Stopped money begins to come If you have a black dog, it is believed that your stagnant money will begin to come. There are no financial problems. Black dogs help you succeed and progress in the areas of business and work.

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