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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Sakat Chauth Vrat 2021: Know the date and time and Lord Ganesha’s story behind it

Sakat Chauth Vrat 2021: Know the date and time and Lord Ganesha’s story behind it

My Jyotish Expert Updated 12 Dec 2021 12:48 PM IST
Ganesh chaturthi 2021
Ganesh chaturthi 2021 - Photo : My jyotish
Sakat Chauth Vrat 2021: Know the date and time and Lord Ganesha’s story behind it

Sakat Chauth fast is observed every month. Sakat Chauth, which falls in the month of Magha, has a special significance. This day is also known as Sakat Chauth, Sankashti Chaturthi, Magha Chaturthi Vrat or Tilkut Chauth. On this day mothers fast for the long life of their children. It is said that by the grace of Lord Ganesha, all the sorrows of the fasting person go away. This year Sakat Chauth is on 31 January 2021.

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 Sakat Chauth fasting auspicious time-

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Sakat Chauth Vrat Date – January 31, 2021 (Sunday)
Moonrise time on Sakat Chauth day – 20:40
Chaturthi Tithi Begins – January 31, 2021 at 20:24 hrs
Chaturthi Tithi ends – February 01, 2021 at 18:24 hrs.
Sakat Chauth Vrat Story-
According to mythology, on the day of Sakat Chauth, the biggest crisis on the life of Lord Ganesha was averted. That is why it was named Sakat Chauth. The story behind this is that Mother Parvati once went to take a bath. He made his son Ganesh ji stand outside the bathroom and ordered him to take care of him, saying that unless I come out myself after taking a bath, do not allow anyone to come inside.
 Ganesh ji obeyed his mother and started guarding outside. At the same time Lord Shiva came to meet Mata Parvati but Lord Ganesha asked him to stay at the door for some time. Lord Shiva felt extremely hurt and humiliated by this. In anger, he struck a trident at Lord Ganesha. Due to which his neck went away.
When Mata Parvati came out after hearing the noise outside the bathroom, she saw that the neck of Ganesh ji was severed. Seeing this, she started crying and she asked Shiva to return the life of Ganesha again.
On this Shivaji took the head of an elephant and applied it to Ganesha. In this way Lord Ganesha got a second life. From then on Ganesha started having trunk like an elephant. Since then, women celebrate the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Magha month for the well being of children.Started fasting on Ganesh Chaturthi .
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Another story is also prevalent-
Fasting story
There lived a potter in a city. Once when he made a pot and applied gooseberry, the gooseberry did not cook. Disturbed, he went to the king and said that the king does not know what is the reason that the mango is not getting cooked. The king called the Rajpandit and asked the reason. The Rajpandit said, "Each time the egg will be cooked by sacrificing a child while planting the gooseberry." The king's order was given. The sacrifice began. The family whose turn it was, would send one of their children to be sacrificed. In this way, after a few days it was the turn of an old lady. The old lady had only one son and was the support of her life, but the decree does not see anything. The sad old lady started thinking, "I have only one son, he too will be separated from me on the day of crisis." Then he thought of a solution. He gave the boy a betel nut and a betel nut and said, "Sit in the aawan by taking the name of God. Sakat Mata will protect you.
On the day of Sakat, the child was made to sit in Aanwa and the old lady started praying worship sitting in front of Sakat Mata. Earlier, it used to take many days to ripen the goose, but this time by the grace of Sakat Mata, the goose got ripened in a single night. When he saw the potter in the morning, he was surprised. Amva was ripe and the old lady's son was alive and well. By the grace of Sakat Mata, other children of the city also got up. Seeing this, the townspeople accepted the glory of Mata Sakat. Since then till today the law of worship and fasting of Sakat Mata is going on.
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