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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Vastu Shastra: Keep these things in mind while buying a plot this new year

Vastu Shastra: Keep these things in mind while buying a plot this new year

My Jyotish Expert Updated 11 Dec 2021 04:23 PM IST
Vastu Tips
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Be your home This dream is in everyone’s mind. A person buys land to build a dream palace by adding money through hard work. If you are planning to buy a plot in the new year, then keep these things in mind.

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Vastu Shastra: The year 2022 is about to come. There are only a few days left for the new year to arrive. In the new year, people who are planning to buy a plot to build a house. They should keep a few things in mind. According to Vastu Shastra, which type of plot is best to take for building a house. Let’s know-
Keep Vastu Shastra in mind while buying a plot

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Experts believe that the rules of Vastu Shastra should be followed while buying a plot. By doing this, the atmosphere of the house remains full of positive energy. Vastu Shastra has been told about the best use of natural energy. That is why it is considered good to take care of the rules of Vastu Shastra, whether it is to choose land for setting up a house or industry.

Attention to directions
According to Vastu Shastra, ten directions have been given. Of these, except Akash-Patal, there are eight remaining. The northeast direction of sunrise is called the northeast. This direction has also been described as the direction of Dev Puja. It is considered good to have the main gate of the land in the direction from north to east. If the width of this plot is more in the above direction, then such land is considered auspicious. If the North-East part is low, then it is said to be good. The opposite direction is better described as a raised South-West Average.
No big construction in front of the plot
According to Vastu Shastra, there should not be a huge construction in front of the land. Its shadow falls on the ground is also not auspicious. Big trees should also not be at the main entrance of the house. Use south direction for heavy construction and trees. If possible, keep the treehouse outside the boundary of the land.
Use this
Dig a pit in the plot you want to take, fill it with water and leave it. Go the next day and see if the water dries up completely, then do not use such a land area. If water remains or half is visible, then consider the plot as good.
Such land is not around
The corners of the plot should not be cut off. Especially the corners of the North and East directions should not be cut or narrow. On the contrary, the cuts in the opposite direction can be acceptable. There should be no marshy land around the house. There should be no mountain in front. It is considered good to have mountains in the south and west direction.

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