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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Samudra shastra : Know about your nature and of others through shape of the face

Samudra shastra : Know about your nature and of others through shape of the face

my Jyotish Expert Updated 13 Oct 2021 10:33 PM IST
Face shape meaning
Face shape meaning - Photo : google
Many disciplines are prevalent under astrology. Such as palm study, dream astrology, horoscope study, oceanography etc. In Samudrik Shastra, information about the nature and future is given on the basis of the structure of the body and parts of the person. Know here, according to this scripture, what things can be known by looking at the shape of a person’s face.

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Oval Shape FaceOval shape face i.e. shape similar to an egg. People who have an oval face shape have an attractive personality. Their nature is balanced, that is, in every good and bad situation, these people keep themselves under control. If a woman’s face is oval shape, then she has a special interest in the field of art. These people are physically weak.
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Long Shape FacePeople who have a long and thin face, they are physically strong. These people always like to live in order. Sometimes arrogance also comes in their married life, due to which the tension in the relationship increases.
Triangle Shape FaceIf a person’s face looks like a triangle, then such people may be physically thin. Their working style is very creative. I like to do everything in my own way. Sometimes these people can get angry even over small mistakes.

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Square Shape FaceSquare shape means square face. People whose face appears square are very intelligent. With their intellectual ability, they easily find a way to overcome big problems. Anger is also present in the nature of these people. These people want to get others to do the work according to their wish.

Round Shape FacePeople whose face shape is round, they are very sensitive and do not allow any shortage in the care of others. The love affair of these people remains stable and pleasant. These people maintain themselves to be very good life partners.
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