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Sawan 2022: Know the steps to please Mahadev in this sawan

My jyotish expert Updated 22 Jul 2022 01:05 PM IST
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Sawan 2022: When and with which Puja will fulfil wishes in the month of Sawan, know a great way of worshipping Mahadev

The month of Sawan is considered to be the best for the devotion of Lord Shiva. On which day in the month of Sawan, by which method, by doing chanting and fasting, will Mahadev's grace and what is the great remedy for his worship, definitely to know. Read this article, it will definitely be beneficial.

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The month of Shravan is considered to be the best for the worship of Mahadev. This is the reason why the devotees of Bhole wait for the arrival of this holy month throughout the year. The month of 'Sawan', which showers the blessings of Shiva, will start from today 14th July 2022 and will continue till 12th August. In this one month, to get the blessings of Lord Shankar, his devotees will do his worship, chanting and fasting in various ways. Some will try to please them by offering them milk and some just by offering them Gangajal. In the month of Sawan, when, on which day and by what method you will get the full fruit of Shiva worship, let us know in detail.

With which worship will Mahadev be pleased in Sawan?

In the month of Sawan, dear to Lord Shiva, try to get up before sunrise every day and take bath by adding a little Ganges water to the bathing water every day. In the month of Sawan, try to worship Lord Shiva only during the Pradosh period, because on worshipping during this period, Lord Mahadev, the God of the gods, is soon pleased and gives the desired blessings. In the month of Shravan, offer Shami and Bel Patra which is dear to Mahadev along with Gangajal in Shiva worship. Both these letters should always be offered after breaking the stalk. After offering milk, curd, honey etc. to Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, water must be offered. Keep in mind that water should be offered to Lord Shiva with a copper vessel, but don’t forget that milk should not be offered to it. In the end, the most important thing is that only half of the circumambulation of Lord Shiva should be done and he should never cross his water even by forgetting.

Worship them with Shiva in the month of Shravan:

In the month of Sawan, in which Goddess Sati attained Lord Mahadev, the God of the gods, in her second birth by doing rigorous chanting and fasting, one must follow all the rules related to Shiva worship while fasting on Monday falling in the month of Sawan. The most important thing is that Gangajal must be used in the worship of Lord Shiva. It is believed that by offering Gangajal, the most beloved of Lord Shiva, the worshiper of Shiva gets the same virtuous result as the Ashwamedh Yagya. Do not forget to worship Goddess Parvati, Ganapati, Kartikeya and Nag Devta along with Mahadev in the month of Shravan.

When will the fast of Sawan Monday be kept:

Monday is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva in seven days of the week. It is believed that on worshipping Lord Shiva on this day, the blessings of Shiva shower soon. When this Monday falls in the month of Sawan, which is most dear to Lord Shiva, then the importance of worship and fasting on this day increases even more. Let us know when and when will the fast of Monday be kept in the month of Sawan:-

Some of the fasts are as follows:

First Shravan Monday fast – 18 July 2022

Second Shravan Monday fast – 25 July 2022

Third Shravan Monday fast – 01 August 2022

Fourth Shravan Monday fast – 08 August 2022

The great remedy for worshipping Mahadev in Sawan:

  • Lord Shiva is called Bholenath in Hinduism because he fulfils all the wishes of his devotees soon after being worshipped with reverence and faith. Let us know about the simple and effective remedies related to the worship of Mahadev in the month of Sawan 
  • Devotees who worship Shiva with the desire for wealth in the month of Sawan should worship the rhinestone of crystals with white sandalwood throughout the month. In doing this remedy of Shiva worship, along with Mahadev, the blessings of Mother Lakshmi also shower.
  • The devotee of Bhole Nath should worship Parad Shivling throughout the month of Sawan in order to remove the hindrance in any particular work and get the desired success in it.
  • Those who have not been able to get child happiness even after a long time has passed after marriage, should make a Shivling of butter and anoint it with Gangajal in the month of Sawan.
  • It is believed that by doing this remedy related to the worship of Shiva with reverence and faith, soon they get child happiness. If you are coming then you should do special worship of Shivling with honey in the month of Sawan.

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