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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Sawan 2022: Today is the first fast of Sawan, follow these methods to keep yourself hydrated

Sawan 2022: Today is the first fast of Sawan, follow these methods to keep yourself hydrated

My Jyotish expert Updated 18 Jul 2022 06:53 PM IST
Sawan 2022: This remedy must be carried out on every Sawan Monday for a fruitful life
Sawan 2022: This remedy must be carried out on every Sawan Monday for a fruitful life - Photo : Google

The month of Sawan is dedicated to Mahadev. If you want to worship Mahadev, then the month of Shravan is considered to be the best. The Mahadev devotees recite worship with a sincere heart. All his troubles go away. In Shiva Purana, Mahadev himself has said that I love the month of Shravan very much. All the wishes of the devotee who worships me this month with a sincere heart will be fulfilled.

The holy month of Sawan started on the 14th of July. Fasting is of great importance in this holy month. In the month of Sawan, people keep fast every Monday in Sawan to get the blessings of Mahadev. Because the Monday of Sawan has special significance. Mahadev devotees do special service to him during the time of Sawan. Mahadev devotees especially worship him on that day by keeping the fast of Sawan. It is believed that by doing this one gets the blessings of Mahadev.

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In the month of Sawan, to get the blessings of Goddess Parvati and Mahadev, her devotees go out on the Kavad Yatra. This journey has a special significance. Many things have to be taken care of during the fast. But many times people spoil their health due to not being able to take care of their health. Sawan Monday has special significance but fasting also has its own rules. You can have fruits during the fast. Just keep in mind that do not consume salt and food. You can also eat pure fruits, juices, and dry fruits in Phalhari. Let us know how during the fast in Sawan
Keep hydrated

  •  Coconut water:
While observing the fast of Sawan, keep in mind that there is no shortage of water in your body. And coconut water fulfils the lack of water. Due to this, the body does not become weak. Every part of the coconut benefits in one way or the other. Coconut water is also a kind of low drink. Drinking coconut water improves the immune system. Keep in mind that drinking coconut water as much as it is beneficial for the body. Do not drink in excess. Its consumption does not cause hunger and neither does the body become lethargic.
  • Eat fruits: 
Eat fruits during fasting. Because fruits keep your body full of nutrients. Fruit is helpful in keeping the body hydrated. Consuming it during fasting does not worsen the health. You should consume fruits at least 3 to 4 times a day during the fast. Make sure that the fruit is fresh. Consuming bananas during fasting is very beneficial. Along with this, eat apples and oranges as well. Orange contains natural salt which does not allow the body to become weak. Before eating any fruit, it must be seen that it is correct and there is no worm in it. By eating bananas, glucose and energy are available in full quantity in the body. One does not feel hungry soon after eating it. Also, eating grapes or drinking its juice does not cause dehydration and the body gets as many nutrients as it needs.
  • Dry Fruits: 
Eating dry fruits in fasting fulfils the nutrients in the body. It is also very heavy, due to which it does not feel hungry soon. In dry fruits, you can eat almonds, walnuts, raisins, figs, cashews, as well as raw coconut. In the summer season, it is the month of Sawan, so keep in mind that dry fruits should not be consumed in large quantities. Otherwise, it can do damage. By eating dry fruits, you feel less tired during fasting because it fulfils your energy level. The amount of calories and nutrients found in dry fruits helps in keeping the body fit. During the time of fasting, keep in mind that you keep eating walnuts and raisins every once in a while. so as not to feel hungry. Because of this, your stomach will also not be empty.

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