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Friday Vrat Katha- Know its significance and puja vidhi

MY JYOTISH EXPERT Updated 10 Jun 2021 07:42 PM IST
Friday Goddes Laxi, Maa Santoshi Vrat Katha
Friday Goddes Laxi, Maa Santoshi Vrat Katha - Photo : google
Friday is mainly for the worship of Santoshi Mata. Santoshi Mata is known for keeping the household full of wealth, & in every way. She is known for removing all the problems.

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Vrat Katha-
A long time ago an old lady had seven sons, six of them used to earn and one was worthless. That lady used to feed all six sons with love and the seventh son used to eat from the leftovers. The wife of the seventh son was very sad because he was very foolish and did not use to pay attention.
One day the wife told her husband about feeding the leftovers, at that moment he decided to go to another state. When he started leaving for another state, his wife asked for his signature. He left the house by giving the ring to his wife. As soon as he reached another state, he got a job at Seth's shop and soon he made his place with hard work.
When the son left the house, the mother-in-law started torturing her daughter-in-law. After doing all the household work, her mother-in-law used to send her to the forest to get wood and when he came, they used to keep straw bread and water in the coconut shell. In this way, she was suffering in immense pain. One day while bringing the wood, she saw some women worshiping Santoshi Mata on the way and asked she asked for a method of worship. By hearing them, the daughter-in-law also sold some wood and took a resolution of going to Santoshi Mata's temple.

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She went back home with some clothes and jewellery, as soon as two Fridays passed on, both her husband's address and money came. daughter-in-law went to the temple and pleaded with the goddess to bring her husband back. Granting him a boon, Mata Santoshi appeared in the son’s dream and described the misery of the daughter-in-law. This after completing his work, he decided to go home. By seeking the blessing of the goddess, on the next day, he went home with clothes and ornaments.
Daughter-in-law picks up wood and visits Mata's temple and about her happiness and sorrow. One day Mata gave her a hint that today her husband is going to return. Mata told her that you put some wood on the river bank and go home late and make a voice from the courtyard itself that mother-in-law, take the wood and give straw bread, give water in the coconut shell. The daughter-in-law did the same. Seeing the wood that she kept on the riverbank, the son got hungry and went home after making bread. When his mother asked for food at home, he refused and asked about his wife. Then the daughter-in-law came and started asking for water in the husk of straw and coconut shell. Mother-in-law started lying in front of her son that she eats four times a day, she is pretending in front of you. By Seeing this the son started living in another house with his wife.

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Friday fasting: Puja vidhi

Take bath in the early morning, remember Santoshi Mata, and worship. While worshiping, place a kalash filled with water and place a bowl full of jaggery and gram on it. Those who tell and listen to the story must hold jaggery and gram in their hands and keep chanting “Santoshi Mata ki Jai”.
Take it in increasing order at the end of the story, feed the jaggery gram to the cow mata and distribute the gram kept on the urn as prasad, and take the prasad yourself.

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