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Sun & Rahu Conjunction 2022: Know The Effect & changes for these Zodiac signs

My Jyotish Expert Updated 04 May 2022 04:59 PM IST
Sun & Rahu Conjunction 2022
Sun & Rahu Conjunction 2022 - Photo : Google
The Sun-Rahu conjunction effect will bring new changes to these zodiac signs
In Vedic astrology, Sun represents authority, soul, self-confidence, father, and king, Sun is government and politics. Rahu is cunning, over-obsessed, greedy, and manipulative. This is the North Node of the Moon. Rahu represents the goals set by the universe for us in this life. Rahu enhances the qualities of the planet through its creation. When Rahu conjuncts with Sun, it enhances the qualities of the Sun. Confidence and leadership increase. But Rahu also eclipses the Sun. This sometimes fills his confidence with fear and doubt. Both auspicious and inauspicious effects of this conjunction are visible. Talking about good effects, this yoga is a successful politician with good charisma; a great entrepreneur makes a good artist. Coming to the negative side, the relationship with the father sours, the father may live separately or his role may be missing from life. In Leo or Aries, this conjunction can give more power to the Sun.

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This combination is going to be special for Aries. Chances of getting new opportunities for employed or business persons will increase. There may be some ups and downs in health, so proper care should be taken of health.

A major financial problem may have to be faced for Taurus, it will be time to make careful decisions for married couples and lovers too. There is a sum of travels and there will be opportunities for profit from abroad.

There will be a need to maintain restraint in your behavior and behavior with people. You may have to face problems related to the eyes or throat. Therefore you are advised to take proper care of your health. There will be opportunities for earning money.

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There may be conflicts on some issues during this period between married couples and people in relationships. There may be some challenges in a job or business. Care will be required in matters related to finance.

Leo sun sign
Whether doing a job or in business, you can get new work opportunities, as well as if you are planning to make any investment, then you will also get better opportunities in it. During this phase, you can stay fit and healthy. Along with this, time is also looking favorable for married couples or people in the relationship.

It can be a challenging time for the people of the Virgo zodiac, this time will be a time for you to be a little cautious in terms of health. On the financial front, you are likely to get some benefits during this period, but there will also be an excess of expenditure on the family.

Time will be mixed for job professionals or business people. There will be a need to avoid relying too much on others at this time. There may be disputes in married life, so it is advised to be cautious in your relationship.

Sun-Rahu conjunction is going to be very special, during this period some big benefits can be received, but keep in mind that avoid shortcuts or work carefully in the share market, etc. Health problems can give trouble, take care of yourself.

In the case of money, you will need to work hard at this time. You can be successful in facing any problem. Business people can get some financial benefits during this period. There can be a good rapport between people in a relationship.

The effect of Sun Rahu conjunction can bring some ups and downs in life. In terms of health, you may have to face minor problems during this period. Opportunities will be created to win competitions in the field of work. If you are planning to take the loan, then avoid this time.

People engaged in the field of work will have a better rapport with their colleagues. Good profit opportunities can be found through hard work. There will be a time of travel as well as a time to get opportunities with new people. You should be careful while working, the pressure from the authorities will be high.

The effect of the Sun Rahu conjunction can be significant for married couples or those who are in a relationship. Your health is likely to be moderate, and you are also likely to get financial benefits.
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