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Surya Gayatri Mantra | Know the meaning, benefits

My Jyotish Expert Updated 12 Feb 2022 07:33 PM IST
surya gayatri mantra
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Surya Gayatri Mantra | Know the meaning, benefits of Surya Gayatri Mantra and how to chant Surya Mantra?

Know the benefits of Surya Prayer Mantra, how to chant it, the meaning of Surya Gayatri Mantra and read how to offer water to Sun God?

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In Hinduism, some gods and goddesses are considered special from others. The Sun God who can be seen in real form is the source of energy and light for the earth. If the Sun prayer mantra is chanted in the constellation of Sun, Uttara Phalguni and Uttarashadha, then its fruit increases manifold. Also, on this day, donations should be made after the worship and recitation done with the use of sun mantras. Donations made in this auspicious nakshatra lead to merit. Let us know the Surya Gayatri Mantra –

"Om hateful Suryay Namah." You can chant this mantra at any time. This subtle looking mantra is as powerful as the Surya Prayer Mantra. Due to this new diseases stop arising in the body. This is called Surya Naam Mantra.

Through his rays, the Sun God communicates life on earth. The worship of Suryadev, popularly known as the god of health, is considered very fruitful. Sun prayer mantra is an important part of their worship. Sun is counted among the powerful planets in the Navagraha. The Sun located in the center has the ability to influence the effects of all the planets. Sunday is considered to be the day of Sun God. The recitation and chanting of mantras done on this day have special benefits. The Sun has got the ownership of the father's bhava karma.

Benefits of Surya Prayer Mantra Surya Prayer Mantra is very useful for mental peace. By continuous use of this mantra, positive energy is transmitted in the human body. Obstacles coming in any work are resolved by the Sun Prayer Mantra. Gayatri Mantra is also used at the time of chanting and worshiping this mantra. Sun God has been considered as the factor of increase of honor and fame in human life. Surya prayer mantra brings respect and fame. If the Sun is in a weak state in the horoscope of a person, then by chanting this mantra, the Sun becomes auspicious and strong. Due to which the grace of the sun is soon done. A healthy life is attained by the blessings of the Sun God. By the grace of Lord Surya Dev, man becomes free from the biggest diseases. After getting rid of physical sufferings, he leads his life peacefully.

How to chant Surya Prayer Mantra?

Chanting this prayer mantra seven thousand times is considered very auspicious. Chanting it on the coming Sunday in Shukla Paksha gives many times more results than normal days. It is considered best to chant this mantra even before reciting Surya Gayatri Mantra. In the morning, after getting up in the Brahma Muhurta, after taking a bath, one should chant and recite Surya Prayer Mantra and Surya Gayatri Mantra. Along with this mantra, having knowledge of Surya Gayatri Mantra is also very beneficial. Due to this, the Sun God is soon pleased and bestows his blessings on the devotees. So let's know about Surya Gayatri Mantra.

Surya Gayatri Mantra

This Gayatri Mantra is chanted to get the blessings of Sun God. To maximize the effect of this mantra, it should be recited after knowing its meaning. This mantra should be recited 9, 11 or 108 times. Worshipers of Lord Surya also recite Surya Gayatri Mantra 1008 times.

“Om aditya vidmahe divakarai dhimahi tanno suryaha prachodayat.”

Meaning of Surya Gayatri Mantra

Oh oh! I worship you, O sun god, you illuminate me with the light of knowledge, oh! May the creator of the day give me wisdom and O Sun God! You light up my mind.

Surya Arghya Mantra

 “Om Aihi Surya Saha Sranshan Tejorashe Jag Tapte, Anukampayama Bhaktya, Grihanarghyam Namo Stute.”

 Benefits and rules of Surya Arghya

Offering arghya to the sun god increases in might. Along with this, offering water to the Sun is considered very beneficial to sharpen the eyesight. According to the beliefs, the Sun is in a soft state in the morning and while offering water, looking at the Sun in the middle of the stream enhances the eyesight.

A copper vessel should be used to offer water to the Sun. Simultaneously, this pot of copper should be kept above the brain and offered Arghya. A little sugar candy should be mixed in this water. With this, the remedy of Mars is also done simultaneously. Mixing kumkum and turmeric in water is also considered good. A thin stream is made by pouring water slowly. Red flowers are very dear to the Sun God. Therefore, it should be used at the time of worship along with aghya.

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