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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   The lesson of Mahabharata: Never be proud of your powers and never consider your enemy weak

The lesson of Mahabharata: Never be proud of your powers and never consider your enemy weak

My Jyotish Expert Updated 06 Sep 2021 02:30 PM IST
The Lesson of Mahabharata
The Lesson of Mahabharata - Photo : google
A war was going on between Arjuna and Karna, seeing that Karna's strikes were not having any effect on Arjuna's chariot, Arjuna felt that Karna's arrows did not have power.

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There are many such episodes of Mahabharata, in which the sources of a happy life have been told. If these sutras are implemented in life then we can avoid many problems. Know here an inspiring episode of Mahabharata related to ego, in this context, Shri Krishna had explained to Arjuna that one should not be proud and do not consider the enemy small.

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A war was going on between Arjuna and Karna. Both the warriors were fighting with full force. When Arjuna's arrows hit Karna's chariot, his chariot used to slip back 20-25 hands. Whereas Arjuna's chariot used to slip back only a little bit due to the blows of Karna. When Karna's arrow hit Arjuna's chariot, Shri Krishna was praising him, but he remained silent on Arjuna's strikes.
Arjuna could not stop hearing the praise of Karna from the mouth of Shri Krishna. He asked Shri Krishna that when my arrows hit Karna's chariot, O Keshav, his chariot slips far behind, whereas my chariot moves only a little with his arrows. Karna's arrows are much weaker than mine, why are you still praising him?
Shri Krishna replied that I myself am sitting on your chariot. Hanumanji is seated on the flag above, Sheshnag himself has held the wheels of the chariot. Despite all this, if this chariot is slipping back even a little bit due to the blow of Karna, it means that his arrows are not weak. With you I am myself and with Karna is only his might. Still, he is giving you tough competition. This means that Karna is not weak at all. Hearing these things, Arjuna's pride broke down.


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