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There is a dispute between husband and wife, so try these simple solutions from today itself: Astro Tips

My Jyotish Expert Updated 14 Aug 2021 01:54 PM IST
Husband Wife Disputes
Husband Wife Disputes - Photo : Google
Every person wants that there should be peace and happiness in his household life. Where there is happiness and peace in the house, people progress on every path. On the other hand, those who have discord in their house can never move forward. Mother Lakshmi never enters such a house. Tribulation fills a person's life with difficulties and troubles. Every person takes various measures to avoid home troubles. But very few people are successful. Discord can arise in any family. Tension in the relationship between father and son, the rift in the relationship between husband and wife, etc.

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Here are some easy ways to avoid domestic disputes, by which you can make life happy.
  • Putting Kumkum on a marigold flower and placing it in front of an idol in a good place removes the tension and differences in relationships.
  • cheats to troubleshoot By adding sugar to the ants, you will get benefits very soon.
  • Sleeping with the head facing east while sleeping reduces stress. By doing this, positive energy is transmitted to you. By feeding sweet things to the little girl and giving gifts etc., your troubles are solved.
  • If the tension between husband and wife increases, then by throwing three Gomti chakras in the south of the house saying Halun Balzac, the tension will go away.
 According to Vastu, negative energy is transmitted in the house from unusable and useless things. Due to this disease, suffering and sorrow and pain reside in the house. Therefore, for the happiness and peace of the family members, take these items out of the house and keep only selected items in the house.

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