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Vastu Tips Money: Don’t keep these things in your wallet, can cause loss

My Jyotish Expert Updated 30 Nov 2021 06:19 AM IST
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Everyone wants that he should have abundant wealth, because in today's time, lack of money becomes the cause of many problems in a person's life. It is often seen that even after working hard many times, money is not accumulated or there is always a shortage of money. If some things are ignored then money problem starts. There are rules about everything in Vastu. In the same way, some important things have been told in Vastu from money place to purse. Vastu says that there are some things which should not be kept in purse. If these things are kept in the purse, then you may have to face the loss of money. So let's know which are those things.

Old bills and slips

Often people have a habit that if there are any slips or old bills, they keep them in their purse and do not take them out for many days but doing so can cause a loss of money for you. According to Vastu, one should not keep unneeded slips, bills etc. In the purse and the purse should be cleaned from time to time, because the purse is also the place of Mother Lakshmi in a way.

Pictures of dead people

Many times people keep pictures of their ancestors in their purse as a memory, but Vastu says that this should not be done. This leads to the flow of negative energy, due to which you may have to face money related problems.

Pictures of god

Often people also put the picture of God in the purse. Vastu says that even after forgetting the purse should not put the picture of God, because we carry the purse everywhere and sometimes we have to touch the purse even with dirty hands. That is why it is believed that this can make Goddess Lakshmi angry and you may have to face the problem of money. Along with this, you may also have to face the burden of debt.

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