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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Solar eclipse 2021: know what are the timings, visibility and watch in India on December 4.

Solar eclipse 2021: know what are the timings, visibility and watch in India on December 4.

My Jyotish Expert Updated 27 Nov 2021 11:18 PM IST
Solar eclipse
Solar eclipse - Photo : Google
On December 4, an absolute solar eclipse based overshadowing, which is likewise the last sun oriented eclipse of the year, will be apparent from Antarctica. NASA says that the infinite phenomenon will likewise be noticeable from a couple of different pieces of the globe. Sky gazers in the southern tip of South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand can see fractional periods of the eclipse. 
NASA has distributed an intelligent guide, which shows the way of the sun based eclipse across Earth’s surface. The December 4 eclipse won’t be noticeable from India. We will see a fractional Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022. 
An all out solar eclipse seems when the Moon passes between the Earth and the sun. The Sun is multiple times bigger than the Moon and furthermore multiple times further away from the Moon. This makes it look like both the Sun and Moon are comparative in plate size causing the overshadowing. This all out sun based shroud comes fourteen days after the halfway lunar Eclipse of November 19. 
By and large, solar eclipse happen like clockwork some place on Earth however they last a couple of moments. The span of the December 4 eclipse will be 1hour, 43 minutes. 
Solar eclipse on December 4: Timing of the eclipse 
The full eclipse will start at around 7 am UTC, with the greatest eclipse at 7:33 am and finishing at 08:06 am. For Indian time, the eclipse starts at 12.30 pm, tops at 01.03 pm, and closures at 01.36 pm. 

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The sun powered shroud won’t be apparent to everybody in India, yet you can watch the divine occasion on the web. will distribute a live stream connection of the sun based shroud, so you can watch this occasion online on December 4. 
Solar Eclipse 2021 on December 4: Do’s and don’ts 
  • Never gaze straight toward a solar eclipse with your eyes. 
  • Do not utilize customary shades or dim shades to see the shroud. 
  • Special sun powered channels, for example, obscure glasses or handheld sun oriented watchers ought to be utilized to see the eclipse. You can likewise utilize dim bend welders glass. 
  • While utilizing optics, telescopes, cameras to catch the eclipse, utilize a defensive sun oriented channel on the focal point. 
Instructions to make a pinhole box to see sunlight based obscuration 
  • A case pinhole projector can help securely see the Solar eclipse
  • Poke a pinhole on one side of a rectangular longer box (a shoebox will do). 
  • Tape a white piece of paper within the opposite finish of the crate. 
  • Cut an opening on the base side of the case to see the picture that falls on the paper. 
  • Now, remain with your back toward the Sun and spot the case over your head. The pinhole side ought to be towards the Sun. 
  • Keep changing your situation until you see the projection of the obscured Sun on the paper inside the case.
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