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Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple 2022| know about the history, legends and architecture of this temple

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 Feb 2022 10:02 AM IST
Trimbakeshwar temple 2022
Trimbakeshwar temple 2022 - Photo : google

 Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple 

 Location- Trimbak, Trimbakeshwar tehsil, Nashik District, Maharashtra
 Deity- Lord Shiva
 Timing of Darshan- 5:30 AM to 9:00 PM
 Nearest airport- Ojhar Nashik International airport
 Nearest train station- Nashik Road

 The Shri Trimbakeshwar Temple is about 28 km from Nashik, Maharashtra, near a mountain called Brahamagiri, where the Godavari River flows. It was built on the site of an ancient temple by the      third PeshwabaraJibajilao (1740-1760).

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 Trinbeikschwa Temple is a religious centre with one of 12 Jyotirlinga. The town of Trinbaekschwa is at the foot of the Brahamagiri hill, 3000 feet above sea level. The Trimbakeshwar Temple is   managed by the Trimbakeshwar Temple Trust. They built Shivprasad Bhakta Niwas with 24 rooms (2 beds, 3 beds, 5 beds), a meeting room, an elevator and hot water facilities.


Shiva Temple Trinbeikschwa is 30 km from Nasik and 157 km from Tane. The best way to get to the temple is by road. The nearest train station is Nasik Road Station, 39 road kilometers away.


Trinbaek Schwa is a religious center with one of the 12 Jyotirlinga. The special features of Jyotirlinga here are the three faces that embody Sir Brahma, Sir Vishnu, and Sir Rudra. Due to excessive water consumption, the lingam began to erode. This erosion is said to symbolize the erosive nature of human society. The lingam is covered with a jeweled crown placed on a gold mask of Tridev (Brahma Vishnu Mahesh).As it is said to date back to the Pandava era; the crown is made of diamonds, emeralds and many gems. The crown will be issued every Monday from 45:00 pm (Shiv).
 All other Jyotirlinga have Shiva as the main god. The entire black stone temple, known for its pleasing architecture and sculpture, is located at the foot of a mountain called Bramagiri. The three sources of Godavari come from Mount Bramagiri.

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The legendary explanation is in Padma Purana. The sage Gautama is said to have lived in Bramagiri, the mountain behind Trian Bakeshval. His wife Ahalya had a clay pot that never emptied. In this way, the devout couple provided many hungry and needy people with food from grains and pots. Envious of this fact, other wise men decided to reduce the benefits of Gautama. They sent the cow to his field and killed it when Gautama tried to drive it away with Dalba grass. Gautama repented and began to worship Shiva. Shiva was pleased with his penance and stood in front of him to benefit him. Gautama asked Shiva to free the Ganges on Earth in Bramagiri to wash away the sins of killing cows. Shiva did this, and the Godavari River flowed from a place called Gangadwa in Bramagiri. This legend is so popular and effective that locals call it the Ganges instead of Godavari.

Another popular legend behind the Trinbeikshwa Temple is the legend of the manifestation of Lingodbhava in Shiva.  Brahma and Vishnu are said to have wasted a search for the origin of Shiva, which once emerged as a pillar of the universe of fire. Brahma saw the top of the pillar of fire and lied that he was cursed not to be worshiped on earth. In return, Brahma cursed Shiva to be pushed underground. In response, Shiva descended under the hills of Bramagiri in the form of Triambakeshwar. The Trinbeikschwa Temple is the only place where Shivringa is in the ground, not outside.
 Some scholars say that the goddess Parvati also came down with Lord Shiva and Ganga. Therefore, the place is called Tryambakeshwa (three lords). Others believe that this place was so named because of the existence of the three Shivringa, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Sir Mahesh's siblings always have running water between the three siblings.


The current temple is made of basalt. The story behind it is when Peshwa Nanasaheb bets on whether the stones surrounding Jyotirlinga are hollow inside. He lost; On top of that he has now built a wonderful temple. The temple was used to house the world-famous Nasak Diamond, also known as the Eye of the Idol. During the Third Anglomalasa War, it was plundered by the British. I'm currently with Edward J. Hand, an executive at a trucking company in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.
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The Temple

The Trinbeikshwa Temple is an ancient shrine, but its current structure is the result of efforts to rebuild Peshwabarajibajirao in the mid-18th century. The temple is built of Nagara architectural black stone and is surrounded by a spacious courtyard. Sanctuary is square on the inside, star-shaped on the outside, with a small ShivalinghamTriambaka. The sanctuary is covered with an elegant tower adorned with giant Amaraka and golden Kalasha. In front of Garbhagriha and Antalala, there is a mandap with doors on all sides. Three of these doors are covered with canopies, and the openings in these canopies are decorated with columns and arches. The curved slabs that rise gradually form the roof of Mandapam. The entire structure is adorned with sculptures featuring casters, floral designs, gods, yashas, humans and animals.
Shivalingham can be seen in the depressions on the floor of the Holy of Holies. Water is constantly springing from the top of Shivalingham. Normally, Shivalingham is covered with a silver mask, but on festive occasions, it is covered with a five-sided gold mask, each with a gold crown.
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