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Vaastu Remedies: Vastu Tips to Give Wings to Career:

MyJyotish Expert Updated 24 May 2022 12:50 PM IST
Career wings
Career wings - Photo : Google

 For two years, the lockdown has affected the mental health of almost everyone, but in these entire two years, the only thing that has put all of us seriously stressed is our careers. So the correct answer to every question is the best work, Vastu.

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Vastu Shastra is known as the "Ancient Indian Science of Design and Construction," which helps us improve many areas of our life by balancing the various elements of nature. To ensure professional and financial security, you Work hard for a promising career. But, if you face a setback or a standstill in your otherwise fruitful professional life, Vastu, the scientific concept of inherent energy, can help your career take flight.
As per Vastu, here are some tips and tricks to guide you on your chosen path. Lists out some quick Vastu tips that can help you make a positive difference in your career, achieve success without any hiccups, and boost your personal growth

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There are Vastu tips that guarantee instant career growth:
1. When you are using laptops and smartphones at work, you should be mindful of the direction they are placed. It is beneficial to keep electronics in the southeast corner for career growth. In addition, you need to make sure that the wires and cables are loose and should not be visible on the table's surface.
2. Sitting style and function determine your career growth. However, you should avoid sitting cross-legged as it will hinder your progress in your running. On the other hand, sitting in a high back chair in the office ensures a reasonable height in the profession, and working from home with proper discipline is the key to growth.
3. Working from home has become a common habit nowadays, leading to the creation of workplaces at home. If you want the best results, you need to ensure that your home office/workspace is not next to the bedroom. Also, it would be nice to have a square/rectangular office desk. Try to avoid round desks in the office.
Horoscope plays a significant role in astrological fields.
4. Stronger crystals lead to higher energy levels and are associated with more outstanding work efficiency. Try to keep quartz crystals in the office, which will give better opportunities. Keeping a bamboo plant on your desk will also come in handy.
5. According to Vastu Vigyan, keeping the head in the east direction while sleeping ensures good functional development. It improves concentration levels and promotes better mental energy. Always try to work while sitting in the north order. Make sure you have a solid wall on your back. It will keep you grounded. There shouldn't be a window behind where you sit to work, as this will confuse and distract you.
6. Keep your workstation clutter-free and keep everything in perfect order to ensure smooth functioning of body and mind.
Keep a positive symbol like Om, Swastika, or Lord Ganesha idol near the workplace. It promotes positivity.
What not to do
Sitting just below the beam of light can cause tension. This also leads to a lack of concentration in work.
Avoid eating food at the workstation for tremendous growth in your career.
Avoid negative images like noisy offices, plastic furniture, war, or violence in the workplace. This stops the career.
Never sit at a crowded workstation.
Avoid sitting cross-legged in the office for promising career growth.


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