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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Valentine's Week Days List 2022: Days, Dates, and How to celebrate with your loved one

Valentine's Week Days List 2022: Days, Dates, and How to celebrate with your loved one

MyJyotish Expert Updated 10 Feb 2022 01:08 PM IST
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day - Photo : Google

Valentine's Week Days List 2022, Calendar, Date Sheet of Rose, Propose, Chocolate, Promise, Teddy, Hug and Kiss Day: Valentine's Week starts the countdown for Valentine's Day. February 7 to 14 is, whilst couples alternate presents and promises of the week.

Valentine’s Week Days List 2022, Calendar and Date Sheet: Love is supposed to be celebrated and loved each day. February, the month of love, offers people a possibility to understand and discover the love they’re after. They exist to have a good time. Some people eventually get the courage to confess to those they love, and sooner and later get the forever love they so wanted.

Valentine’s Day celebrates love and the completion of Valentine’s Week works to make the big day more grand. Throughout the week, couples exchange presents, vows, and a few even get together after years of admiring each other, or even from being friends. People round the world have a good time for love and togetherness in honour of Saint Valentine, from February 7 to 14. So mark your calendars and gather your courage to confess to your special someone.

Rose Day

Rose Day is known as February 7. If you're afraid to use your words, let roses do the talking. Different shades of roses are used to express one-of-a-kind emotions. A white rose is for new beginnings, and a purple rose conveys emotions of admiration and appreciation. The yellow rose is for friendship and the conventional crimson one is for explicit love.

Propose Day

It’s time you gather your courage and spill out your emotions to the one that you love. Confess your love to them, get down on one knee and tell them all that they mean to you on February 8.

Chocolate Day

What better way to have a good time than chocolates? Pamper your family with tins of their favourite chocolate on February 9. Let them know what it feels like to have candy with you on this day!

Teddy Day

Who doesn’t love a lovely and cuddly tender toy? Give the one that you love a teddy bear as a token of your love on February 10.

Promise Day

It’s time to make a few promises with your significant other. Let them recognise the promises you’ve made and will carry out, until the very end. This day is known as February 11.

Hug Day

Embrace your beloved with a blanket of affection and protection on February 12. Hold them tightly and let your sorrows flow away. Make them feel loved, cared for, and appreciated.

Kiss Day

This day is for an easy% to kiss on the cheek, or a full-blown kiss on the lips, or maybe a kiss on the brow to show your tenderness and affection for them. A kiss can say what words cannot.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here now! February 14 is dedicated to all the lovers. You can plan an afternoon out, a candlelight dinner, or only a daily Netflix date with your beloved. Make this day eventful for your love. Exchange love, hugs, and words of reassurance, now no longer simply give presents.

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