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Vastu Remedies: Know the Right way to Organise your Child’s study area

My Jyotish Expert Updated 25 Apr 2022 02:13 PM IST
Vastu Remedies
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According to Vastu Shastra, which can be the ideal place to study at home in which the overall development of the children can get a chance.  In Vastu Shastra there is a need to keep in mind the effect of position and color, whether it is a hostel, PG, for the learner, children living while studying at home or away from home, there is a need to work keeping in mind the Vastu norms.  Best development of education and mental development can be possible only by the benefit of positive Vastu arrangement in the children's room 

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  Some people believe that their children do well in exams without putting too much effort while on the other hand; others may feel that their children study all the time but they fail to do well in exams.  Vastu Shastra experts believe that the energy balance of your home plays a big role in your child's education and development.  Along with this, it affects people of all ages, children are more affected by it.  The Vastu of the house helps shape their future as they grow and flourish in the house, forming habits and ideas.  If Vastu and the flow of energy are correct, it will support their concentration on studies.

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Suitable Place For Study
The ideal place for studies depends on the age of the child. If the child is in secondary school, then the best place to study is in the northeast of the house and it is good to face east while studying. If the child is preparing for competitive exams or pursuing any professional course, then the ideal place for him to study is in the North-West and facing north.  Electronic devices should be kept in a separate area in the education space as these can be highly distracting and hinder the positive and helpful energy.

Good colors for kids 
Green and blue are associated with freshness and positivity. Light is an important aspect.  The lamp and the light should neither be too bright nor too dull.  North-east-facing light is known to give favorable results.  It is advisable to avoid keeping gadgets in your child's room as much as possible.
For children living in a hostel, PG, or while studying away from home, it is important to keep in mind that the door of the room should not face the south direction.  The study table is favorable to be in the Northeast.  The color of the room should be green and it is considered very appropriate for the child to face east or north while studying.
To get a positive effect on education, some simple modifications can be made to the place where children study education.  One should sleep in South-North or East-West direction, especially keeping the head towards the South or East is favorable.  It's a good idea to try to keep the entrance as free and fresh as possible.
Try to have as many windows as possible in the east direction, because it also gives the advantage that direct sunlight can reach that place.  Also, it is important to avoid placing any beams or beam-shaped objects in the room; if this is not possible then it is advisable to avoid sitting or sleeping under them.  Chaotic and dusty rooms represent negativity and the child may experience a hindrance in learning by this so it is important to remember that a clean and orderly clean space only helps in enhancing brain efficiency.
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