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Vastu Tips 2022: Get wealth and prosperity at your doorsteps with the help of peacock feathers

Prerna PrernaPrerna Prerna Updated 15 Jan 2022 09:46 AM IST
Keeping silver and peacock feathers
Keeping silver and peacock feathers - Photo : google
Peacock Feathers: A remedy to all the obstacles
Taking a peek at my good old days, yesterday I came across an old school book of mine which brought a smile to my face. No. The reason was not the book but the peacock feather lying between its pages. I’m quite sure, it’s not only me. You would have also kept it or at least noticed it in your friend’s book. Ah! Giving a pause to that thing. I remember my mother used to tell me keeping a peacock feather increases one’s learning power. However, later I realized the beautiful peacock feathers have hundreds of other benefits too. Even Lord Krishna’s look was incomplete without these beautiful feathers. So, I thought of writing on it to let you all know the importance of the mesmerizing feathers of the peacock

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Wealth and Prosperity
One should place a peacock feather near the locker. Placing the colourful feather near the locker attracts wealth, prosperity, and provides stability.
House Decor
Peacock is the animal of beauty. It has been associated with nature and beauty for ages. Hence, hanging a painting of a peacock is considered auspicious. Also, placing a painting of a dancing peacock adds beauty, charm and gives an elegant look.
To ward off negative energies
Peacock feathers are very very effective in eradicating the negative vibes from one’s home. In addition, it also removes Vastu Doshas. One should keep a few peacock feathers at the entrance of their house to get effective outcomes.
Increases love
Not only peacock add to the beauty of the room, but hanging a picture of the peacock also increases intimacy and understanding between the couple.
To remove Vastu Doshas
If you have some of the other Vastu Dosha in your home, Don’t worry. This is the best remedy for you. You just need eight feathers of a peacock. You have to tie them together from the bottom using a white thread while chanting the mantra ‘Om Somay Namah.’
To remove the malefic effects of Saturn
The peacock feathers are also very effective in removing the malefic effects of the Saturn Planet. To use this as a remedy, one just needs to tie three feathers of peacock with a black thread and add a few drops of superior. While adding Supari, one also has to splash some water and chant the ‘Om Shaneswaray Namah’ mantra twenty times.
Office decor
Not only in-home but the beautiful feathers of the peacock are also much effective in the office as well. Placing the beautiful painting of a peacock or showpiece in one’s office boost one’s productivity. However, proper care should also be taken that these peacock feathers which are used as remedies or to remove doshas should not be considered a mere piece of a showpiece. Proper care should be taken. Also, one should not allow dust to settle on the feathers.
Good Health
Since ancient times, peacock feathers are also being used as medicine in removing the poison from one’s body. This mere reason makes peacock feathers significant for good health and well being.
Keep the pests away
Apart from increasing love and good health, these beautiful feathers also maintain hygiene in the house. It is so that these feathers are helpful in shooing away lizards from the home.
Importance in Vedas
The peacock feathers hold significance in Vedas and bird scriptures too. In addition, the peacock feathers have a mythological relation as well. Lord Krishna used to place peacock feathers on his head. God’s look was incomplete without the peacock feathers.
Keeping a peacock feather in the house brings positivity and creates a positive arena in the house. Also, it brings stability and balance to one’s life.
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