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Vastu Tips 2022: Know 10 Vastu Remedies for Your Good Health

My Jyotish Updated 20 Feb 2022 10:33 AM IST
vastu tips
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Vastu Tips 2022: Know 10 Vastu Remedies for Your Good Health

Vastu Tips – We all want health, wealth, happiness from our life for our family and loved ones. There is an old saying, 'Health is Wealth', Health plays a big role in today's world and it is difficult to live life without it. Therefore, we have come up with 10 such Vastu Tips, using which you will be able to increase health and wellness.

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 1. Sleeping in perfect condition
6-8 hours of sleep is very important for a healthy life. For peaceful sleep, sleep with your head towards the south.
2. Steps to Health
You will be surprised to know that the humble ladder can have an effect on your health as well. If a ladder is required in your home, make sure it is not in the center of the house. A staircase in the center of the house can lead to serious health issues.
3. Source of Energy
The center of the house, the Brahmasthan, should preferably be left empty or no heavy furniture should be placed. This allows the free flow of energy. Too much furniture will obstruct the flow of energy. This is the exact reason why old houses used to have an open courtyard in the center of the house.
4. Temples and places of worship
A temple in your home attracts positive vibes. It strengthens the positive energy and clears the negative energy from the house. Reserve a place for worship in your home. Even if you are an atheist, you should at least have an idol of God or some religious symbol in your house.
5. Beam above the head
An overhead beam is used to support the structure. However, while decorating the houses, we manufacture false ceilings to make them look attractive. But be careful that no beam should run through the center of the room. Because it blocks the communication of positive energy and mind.
6. Balance of Fire Power
Fire is an important source of energy. Hence we need to be extra careful with the placement of the fire element in our home. It has to be a perfect balance for the good health of the family. According to Vastu, the location of Agneya is South-East or North-West. Stove, hearth and fire element should always be kept in the south-east or north-west direction in the kitchen.
7. Candle Flame
Make it a habit to light a candle every day, in the direction of the fire, i.e. south-east or north-west. This is a beautiful way to light up the darkness. It burns the negativity energy from the house. The colors of its flame represent the effect it will have on your home and life.
8. Importance of every direction
Candles have an important role in our home. If someone in your family is unwell, keep a burning candle in his room for a few days or until he is sick. In fact, each direction has its own significance for placing a burning candle.
North direction is good for business and money. North-east direction is for knowledge. East direction is for family matters and health. South direction is for fame and success. South-west direction is for love and relationships. West The direction is to enhance the creativity of the residents. The north-west direction is for friendship.
And if you want to balance everything in peace, the place for a candle is the center of the house.
9.Welcome to Health
The main door of the house is extremely important as anything in the house enters through it. Make sure that the wall around your house and the main entrance is at the same height. By doing this, the health of the whole family remains good.
10. Image or Statue of God
Keep the idol of God in your pooja room or anywhere in your home. Just make sure it is facing south. This keeps the family members away from the disease.

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