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Vastu Tips: Know 10 important things about the temple in your home.

My Jyotish Expert Updated 02 Dec 2021 11:57 AM IST
Vastu tips
Vastu tips - Photo : My Jyotish Expert
We should never ignore Vastu rules while making a place of worship inside the house, otherwise instead of the auspicious results of worship, all kinds of problems start coming in life. Read how and where should your house of worship be –

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The place of worship of the house is the place where one gets rid of the tension of any worry or trouble by going to the head. We have been told some rules regarding this holy place, which provides peace of mind and energy, on following which our sadhana becomes successful soon and divine blessings are obtained. So let us know which Vastu rules we should follow while getting the worship done for the deities at home –
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  • The place of worship in the house should always be made in the North-East (East) direction because Northeast angle is full of auspicious effects. In this area of the house, the effect of Sattva energy is 100%.
  • Talking about the size of the temple kept inside the house, then its height should be twice its width.
  • Always keep in mind that there should not be a toilet below or above or adjacent to it while constructing a house of worship inside the house.
  • The house of worship should never be built under the stairs of the house.
  • The photo of the deceased should never be kept in the worship room
  • Even after forgetting, a broken idol or a torn street picture should not be kept in the worship room. Such an idol or photo should be buried by digging a pit in a holy place.

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  • It is not considered auspicious to keep wealth and property hidden in the house of worship.
  • Puja room should never be built in the bedroom of the house. If you have to make it under compulsion, then make it in the northeast of that room and definitely put a curtain in it while sleeping at night.
  • Worship of God should always be done at a holy place with a calm mind.
  • One should never do puja-aarti while standing right in front of the idol of God.

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