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Vastu Tips: Keeping these things in the house can cause financial loss

Aishwarya KeshariAishwarya Keshari Updated 13 Jul 2022 06:23 PM IST
vastu tips
vastu tips - Photo : Google
According to Vastu Shastra, you should not keep bad electronic items or rusty things in your house.  Such things should be kept away from the house as it obstructs the path of progress.  Vastu Shastra has great importance in our life.  According to him, everything has a place.  Especially the things kept in the house.  A lot of attention has been paid in Vastu to what and where should be kept in the house.  Everything has positive and negative forces.  If you damage something, then the positive energy of that object turns negative.  The store room is considered that part of the house which is extremely useless.  It is often used by people to keep their useless or unusable goods.  But do you know what are the things that we should not keep at home?  Today in Vastu Shastra we are going to tell you which things should not be kept in the house or how they can be kept.
  •  Don't keep rusty things according to Vastu Shastra, you should not keep rusty things in your house.  We often keep such items in the store room.  But such things should be kept away from the house as it obstructs the path of progress.  Jung is related to Saturn Rahu Ketu, which can be seen as slow in progress.
  •  Don't keep bad utensils often people pick up their old utensils and keep them in the store room.  According to Vastu Shastra, it should not be done even by mistake.  Actually, Shani Dev resides in the pot.  Due to this, you may have to face trouble with all your work.
  •  Don't keep broken electronics items if not in use, you can dispose of electronic items such as broken chargers, batteries and other such items.  They not only create an unnecessary mess but also act as a hindrance to the flow of positive energy in the house.
  • Keep wire in place wires of different devices and gadgets should not be mixed together.  This shows that the people of the house will also be in a chaotic situation.  If old toasters, hand blowers or jars are kept in the store room in our kitchen after buying new ones, then we should give such items to anyone who needs it or they should be thrown out.  If you want to keep these things assuming that you may have to use them in future then you need to keep them properly otherwise they can be a bad situation for you.
  •  Keep electronic gadgets that are not currently in use in your home, otherwise keep them in a box made of paper or paper if you are keeping them for collecting items.  Positivity can be maintained better by taking care of some Vastu things.
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