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Vatu Dosh Remedies:- Know tips to remove stress and anxiety for a peaceful conduct

My Jyotish Expert Updated 30 May 2022 02:23 PM IST
Conduct A Peaceful Life
Conduct A Peaceful Life - Photo : Google
Everyone contributed to the construction of the house, which is well constructed. They are unaware, however, that the house has a Vaastu flaw. It also has an impact on our mental wellness. In the family, there is a lot of stress and financial issues. Every family member's job suffers as a result of this. It sees us in a lot of difficulties that we don't even realize we're in. Object flaws never help us to get to our destination; instead, they create a roadblock. We must deal with all of the pressure.

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This flaw ruins our entire family's happiness. Let us examine whether we have an object flaw in our lives, what the cures are, and how we might make our lives easier with that remedy.
* Every morning in our home, we should chant Sundarkand and Ramcharit Manas for object defect tranquility. This will keep the house in order. Also, the negative energy that is present will be put to use. The mind will be at ease as a result of this, and excellent thinking will be passed on through the family.
* Do not keep anything negative or closed in the house; it shuts our time as well.
It refers to the introduction of negative emotions into the home, causing havoc in our lives.

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* The house's doors should never be facing each other. And in the south, there should not be a major gate door; if there is, place the Panchmukhi portrait of Hanuman Ji in front of it as soon as you enter the home. And every day, present him incense sticks. As soon as you walk into the house, you will feel uplifted.
* Because of the object flaw, it is recommended that the main gate always face east or north. Every room, hall, kitchen, and many other objects have a direction, according to the object.
* Any house's main gate, courtyard, or place of worship should not be damaged. The leader of the home is still under mental strain as a result of this. At home, there is no peace of mind.
* Negative energy enters the house as a result of an object fault; to avoid this, myrrh incense should be visible throughout the house after morning devotion. This maintains the household’s tranquility. Camphor cakes, on the other hand, should be stored in one location.
* Object flaws may be found anywhere we work or study. All of this should never be done under the beam. Hang a peacock feather or a flute to cover this flaw.
 There should never be a firing angle in our bedroom. If such is the case, we will continue to burn like a fire. When sleeping, we should never sleep with our heads facing north. Sleeping is best in the south and east directions. Even sleeping under a beam does not provide mental calm.
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