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Aquarius Yearly horoscope (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

My Jyotish Expert

At the beginning of the year, Saturn will be present in your 12 house Bhava, while conjunct with Guru Jupiter.  After this, the transit of Guru Jupiter in April will be in Aquarius, that is, in your first house.  During this period, where the shadow planet Rahu will be in the fourth house in Taurus and the presence of Ketu will also be seen throughout the year in Scorpio, in the tenth house.
 Also, at the beginning of the year Venus will be in your tenth house.  Due to these planetary positions, the people of Aquarius will need to devote more time and effort to complete every task successfully this year, besides extra hard work and efforts.  Because the transit of many different planets is going to be slightly unfavorable for you this year.  At this time, you will see haste in your nature, due to which you have some difficulty.
  This year will be slightly less favorable for business people as well as for the job-seekers.  Because to achieve success in business, you will need to work harder and continuously.  During this period, you are also advised to avoid starting any new business.  In such a situation, while trying to pursue your current business successfully according to the right strategy, in a very planned way, keep yourself completely away from unnecessary and risky investments.
 For students preparing for competitive exams, this year will be perfect.  Because during this time your simultaneous vision of Saturn and Guru Jupiter on the sixth house will work to give you success in competitive examinations.
 This year will be slightly unfavorable for you from an economic perspective.  Because during this time your sources of regular income will be interrupted, as a result of which you will fail to save your money.  In respect of investment related matters also, you are advised to take special precautions.  At this time, avoid investing your money in any risky investment.  Otherwise, it may prove harmful for you.
 Will give you mixed results in your family life.  At the beginning of the year, due to the extra work load at the workplace, you will fail to give enough time to your family members.  Along with this, the effect of Shani Dev's vision can also cause some problems in your family environment.  Because of which you will be seen developing different perceptions about the family.
 On 06 April this year, Guru Jupiter will transit in your own zodiac, during which time your children will be seen progressing in their field of work.  This time will be better for your second child.  If your children are eligible for marriage, then this year there are also signs of their marriage.
 Traveling in the beginning of the year will be very favorable for you.  During this time, you will have strong chances to go on a foreign trip.  Because Guru Brihaspati and Shani together in your Dwadasa, will affect your Dwadasha.  However, after the transiting of Guru Jupiter after 06 April 2021, their vision of your ninth house will make the sum of a long journey.  But this year, you are advised to be extra careful while traveling and driving every vehicle. In terms of health, it is going to be slightly less better as per the year before.  Because the combination of Guru Brihaspati and Saturn during this time can give you health related problems.  In such a situation, if you are already suffering from some chronic disease, then this year you are getting more stress.  However, the transit of Jupiter in your own zodiac sign in April will bring some improvement in health, after which the end of the year will prove to be the best for your health.
 This year will be slightly unfavorable for Aquarius businessmen and job seekers.  To achieve success in your career, you have to put extra effort and sustained efforts in the meantime.  In such a situation, avoid starting any new business at this time.
 The master of your career sense is Mars, who is present in the third house of his own self.  Also, the combination of Venus and Ketu in Scorpio zodiac sign is in the tenth house, this year you may have to struggle a bit.  The natives who are already working, will get auspicious results at will.  But if you are associated with a new job, then you will have to work a little more at this time. The middle year will be beneficial for those who want to prepare for government job.  Surya Dev, who is the owner of your business sense, being in the eleventh house of your profit and income at the beginning of the year, will give you the benefit of trading in this year.  But this will be possible only when you put extra effort and effort to achieve it.  In addition, this year you are advised to avoid investing too much risk.
 This year will not be favorable for the economic life of Economic Aquarius.  Because Jupiter, the lord of wealth, will be in your tenth house during this time.  Therefore, your dependence on improving economic conditions will be more on your hard work rather than luck.  The sources of wealth will be most disrupted during this period, due to which you will prove to be completely unsuccessful in storing your wealth.
 This year you will need to be cautious of most investment related matters.  In such a risky business, do not invest money.  Because this year, you are seeing the possibility of sudden loss.  However, in the financial crisis in the months of July and August, some improvement is expected.  After which, by the end of the year, your financial situation will be better.
 Lord Shani, the lord of your expenses, will make a conjunction with Guru Brihaspati during this period.  In such a situation, before putting your effort, energy and time into any task this year, you will need to think about it properly.
  Marital life and children
  Married natives will get favorable results this year.  Because Surya, the lord of your zodiac's matrimonial life, will work with Mercury at the beginning of this year in the eleventh house of your benefit and income, to give auspicious opportunities to the married natives.  For those who were worried about their married life for a long time, this time of year will strengthen your relationship emotionally.
 Time will bring love and respect for newly married couples.  However in the months of November and December, some upheaval is possible.  But these adverse situations will not be there for long and soon you will be free from all kinds of stress.  During this period, Lord Yogi, the lord of the child's sense of child, will work to give happiness to your child.
 This year January to March is the most auspicious month for your children.  However, to make your dreams come true, you are advised to avoid putting pressure on them.
 This year will be slightly adverse for your health.  Because the transit of Jupiter and Saturn in your tenth house can give you health related problems.  Because of this, some physical problems like: foot pain, gas, acidity, joint pain, indigestion, cold, cough, etc. may also cause you to have two-four.  If you are already suffering from some disease, then this time will prove more stressful for you.
 However, after this, after the transit of Guru Brihaspati in your Ascendant house, there will be increase of creative thoughts in your mind.  At this time, you will be able to have a healthy diet by following a good routine.
 Some people may suffer from nervous or digestive problems throughout this year.  But even these problems will not affect your life, seriously or for a long time.
 Worship of Lord Ganesha and
 Recite Hanumashtak

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