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cancer monthly horoscope (June 21 - July 22)

People born in Cancer will be normal this month.  You will have to avoid more excitement this month.  Anger can spoil your work.  Life partner's cooperation and advice will work for you.  Decision should be taken thoughtfully, it should not come in impulse, it can also increase your development and progress, luck will support you fully. You can also be interested in some mysterious things. You should also give time to your family in busy times.  This month, there can be differences between fathers and elders, there may be some problems in relationships with spouse and in-laws and there may be quarrels in the house.  This month, people of Cancer can get success only through hard work, try to solve the problem easily by taking opposition from the people. Do not reveal your plans until you are sure about them.  You can get help in achieving your goals.  Your health may remain average, but no major illness is being seen for you now.  Further, planetary movements can give you good health by mid-March.  This can be a good month for students, who may feel more positive than they had felt in previous months.  But it is important that they remain focused.

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