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Capricorn monthly horoscope (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

The native born in Capricorn can be a little bit changeable this month.  You are more likely to have energy, and if you can use it effectively, things can work to your advantage.  Your dedication and passion, too, can help you succeed in your endeavors.  You can excel in matters related to your education, family, love life or money.  However, finance can give you some headaches as you can try to settle or clear your debts and liabilities.  You may get help from your siblings this month, but relationships with your partner or boyfriend can be volatile.  If he gets angry with you, you can't lay it down, but there is a possibility of retaliation.  Your job can keep you busy and motivated, and you can be so engrossed in work that you can forget your worries too.  Confidence in yourself will be the key to success, and as long as you listen to your elders and teachers, you can be successful.  Students should do well, but health can only be on the average side.  This month, students can expect a good time.  They can develop new ambitions and dreams and also find ways to fulfill them.  They may also receive support from their family members, teachers and friends in this regard.  They can develop a healthy, competitive attitude in them to do well in exams and interviews.

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