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Capricorn Yearly horoscope (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

My Jyotish Expert

New year will be favorable for Capricorn people.  Because at the beginning of this year, Lord Shani, the lord of your zodiac, will sit in your own house along with Guru Brihaspati.  This year you will be physically active and spend a lot of time in planning for the future, as a result of which this year will prove to be better than usual for you.
 This year the shadow planet Rahu-Ketu will transit in your fifth and eleventh house respectively.  At the same time, the red planet Mars will sit in the fourth house of your horoscope, while sitting in the fourth house at the beginning of the year.  Due to the position of all these planets, the beginning of the year 2021 will be very favorable in terms of your field and career.
 This year, due to the combined vision of Saturn and Guru Jupiter on the seventh house of your horoscope, you will get a lot of success in your career and field.  Which will also ensure your good income, because the influence of the planets will give you many good opportunities to increase your income from new sources.  On the other hand, if you were planning to start a new business, then the time is going to be very auspicious for it.
 According to the calculation of Vedic astrology, after 06 April, Guru Brihaspati will again transmit himself in your second house.  At that time, every obstacle in saving will be overcome and you will be completely successful in saving your money.  If you were thinking of investing your money, then this time is coming with a golden opportunity for you.  On the other hand, if any dispute related to the ancestral property was suspended in the court, then the result will be most likely to come in your favor at this time.
 The coming year will be auspicious for the natives of Capricorn.  Because the transit of Guru Jupiter in the second house of the zodiac on April 06 will be the main reason for peace and happiness and prosperity in the house.  By which you too will get the support of all your family this whole year.  Along with this, the possibility of new member coming in this year either through marriage or child birth will be more this year.

 However, for the child side, will not be very favorable.  Because Rahu in your fifth house can adversely affect the health of your children, which will affect their academic life the most.  As per Capricorn Health Horoscope 2021, this year will be favorable for you.  Because of the influence of Jupiter and Jupiter in your Ascendant house, you will feel very healthy and energetic.
  This year is going to be auspicious for the Capricorns.  Because your zodiac lord Shani will be sitting in his own house this whole year, in conjunction with Guru Jupiter.  Because of this, your time at work will soon pass.  On the other hand, the job seekers will also get many auspicious opportunities to move ahead.  But for this they will need to work hard and try.  If Capricorn Horoscope is considered as 2021, if the transit of planets and constellations is in your favor this year, then many job seekers can get promotion.  Especially for those people who are involved in the fields of art, music, fashion and textile industry, this time is looking very good to enhance their potential and strengthen their position.  You will get a lot of luck in the month of May, because the transit of Venus Dev will be in Taurus during this time.  Along with this, the lord of the business Moon will also pair with Saturn during this time.  Therefore, the influence of Saturn on the Moon is going to give the businessmen the most benefit this year.  Those people who are associated with business like gold, silver and milk will also get good results this year.  But at this time you are instructed to be a little cautious, because it is possible that some people, taking advantage of you, try to get ahead of you.
 With this, after the transit of your second house of Jupiter in April, traders will need to be a little more careful.  However according to the Capricorn Horoscope 2021, the natives doing business in partnership will have the highest success after September.
  Capricorn people will get mixed results in their financial life this year.  Because your expenses may be the highest throughout the year, you are advised to control your expenses to avoid any financial crunch.  However, during the months of January and February, the transit of Venus in Capricorn will significantly improve your financial condition, increasing the income.
 The transit of Guru Jupiter in your second house in April will also increase your income.  However, before investing your money at this time, you will need to seek the advice of an expert.  Overall, the period from April to September and then mid-November to the end of the year is going to be the most beneficial for your financial life.
 married life
 This period is going to be favorable for married people.  Also, the sight of Moon, the lord of your marital sense to Jupiter, indicates that the sense of respect between you and your spouse will be visible this year.  Which will increase your sense of love, romance and harmony towards each other.  With this you will be completely successful in clearing every misconception.
  Auspicious sight of Shani Dev will give you an opportunity to travel abroad with a partner.  However the intervention of a third person can bring some turmoil in your married life.  In such a situation, you will have to stop any third person from interfering in your relationship, especially at the end of January. Speaking of children, Venus, the god of material pleasures, will transcend your zodiac sign in your first house, so that your children  Will get lucky  However, between June 2 and July 20, the transit of Mars in Cancer can have some negative effects in your married life.  As a result, the conflict of ego between you and your partner will be seen clearly and due to this there will be some problems in your married life Rahu's presence in your fifth house can affect the health of your child.  The negative impact of this will prevent them from advancing in education.  Pregnant women of Capricorn are also advised to be very cautious this year.  However, after 06 April, when Guru Brihaspati will be sitting in your second house, then the conditions will appear to be somewhat favorable.  Because the grace of Guru will bring improvement in your child's health and education.
 In terms of health, this period will be particularly favorable for Capricorn people.  This year, you will find yourself healthier than usual, because your zodiac sign of Jupiter and Saturn will influence your zodiac sign, which will give you positive energy.  This year, the influence of many beneficial planets on your first house will also help in generating positive thoughts in your mind.  With which you will look better mentally and this will give you success in completing your every task with orderly and creativity. If you are not suffering from any previous disease, then this year will also be good for your health.  However, in order to maintain your good health, you can improve it by adopting your good daily routine, by making additional changes in your food and drink.  With this, if you were suffering from any weather-related illness, then you will be more likely to get rid of it this year.
 The period from April to September is going to be somewhat adverse for your health.  But the time before and after it will bring improvement in health.  Those people who were suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and joint pain are also expected to get some relief in the year 2021.  On the other hand, those who were thinking of going for any kind of surgery in the month of May and June, should wait a little longer.  Because the time from November onwards is going to be good for you.
 Worship of Lord Ganesha and regular Hanumanchalisa recitation

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