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horoscope Gemini Monthly (May 21 - June 20)

For the Gemini sign, this month is going to be good in terms of business.  Along with this, you will also get new ideas.  Based on these, you can also think of starting your new work.  Family members will have more inclination towards spirituality and there is also a possibility of any religious event in the house.  Relatives will also come and go at home, due to which the busyness will remain.  During this time, maintain softness in your nature.  People doing private jobs will get some rest this month, but they should stay away from their office politics otherwise it can create trouble for them.  This month will be challenging for you in terms of education and you need to work hard to be successful.  You can also be a victim of stress about your education, due to which there will be sadness in your mind.  At such a time, teachers can guide you correctly.  This month will be perfect for married people, especially for housewives.  She may get a gift or new thing from her husband this month, which will increase the love between the two.  You are likely to fall ill.  If you already have a serious illness, then keep in touch with the doctor otherwise it may escalate suddenly.  Take care if you have to go out of any household work.

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