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Leo monthly horoscope (July 23 - Aug 22)

Leo zodiac signs may see some changes in the first half of the month for the better, while the second half may face some issues.  The communication of the planet in the house indicating debts and illnesses can cause mental stress, but this month can have a positive effect on you, especially in relation to finances.  Planets can also make you lucky in the field and can make you progress.  Some of you may like to change your job or even go abroad for a new job, but your plans may face some hurdles.  You may need to consult your superiors at home.  Now you can also realize that money cannot come without hard work.  And expecting money through inheritance can lead to disappointment.  This can be a good month for the students, yet the problems you were feeling this month will increase positively and you will be able to carry on the work in zeal.

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