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Leo monthly horoscope (July 23 - Aug 22)

For the Leo zodiac sign, this month, differences will appear between the family members on some things and you will not be satisfied with everyone.  There is a possibility of discord in the house due to which you may get mental stress.  In such a situation, you must consult your elders and respect them appropriately.  Also not good in terms of business and you may get cheated by your partner or other traders which are likely to result in losses.  Students who are preparing for government examination can get unexpected results this month.  This month, you will also get a lot of support from your teachers and senior students, which will prove beneficial in planning ahead.  Married people will grow in love with their spouse this month, but they will have to face some resentment from their in-laws' side which will also affect their personal life.  People who are already in relationship can be emotional about their partner and they will continue to worry about their health.  Those who have trouble breathing should take care of themselves.  If you keep the inhaler with you, also keep an extra inhaler with you so that there is no problem later.

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