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Libra monthly horoscope (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

This month, Libra Rashi people can expect good times.  This may be specifically about their work and companionship or relationship with spouse and children.  Although this can happen by the middle of March, some events can cause some problems in your relationships in the latter part of the month.  Planets can give you a lot of responsibilities at home, and you can be able to tackle all problems using your creativity and intelligence.  Planets can bring new opportunities to your life, and they can teach you how to deal with people and make business deals.  Business growth can also occur, and there may be cheering at home, but they cannot come without stress.  However, you may have some issues with superiors and co-workers, so please be careful.  You will also want to meet good people now and benefit their company.  Some of you may spend money on renovating your home, whitewashing, painting, or buying furniture.  You may have to treat yourself carefully and with savings for your own and your children's future and any health issues.

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