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Libra monthly horoscope (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

For the people of Libra, this month will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family and some new good news can also be received from a member such as getting a new job, passing children with good numbers, etc.  If there is any serious disease, consult a doctor and keep showing them from time to time.  People doing private jobs may get new opportunities this month but before taking any decision, consult elders with your loved ones.  Students studying in school will feel tense on themselves, which will reduce their mind in studies.  Due to high stress, the number of examinations may also come down.  Your spouse may have health problems and they are also likely to have some serious illness, so take special care of them.  People living in relation can get some gifts from their partner, which will increase the love between the two.  You will be completely healthy physically and mentally.  Since the heat is getting too much outside, make sure to consume cold things and drink less tea at such times.  Children may experience heatstroke, so be careful while playing.

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