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Pisces monthly horoscope (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

People of this zodiac should take care of their family members mainly because their health may worsen or they may have some serious illness.  In this case, take full caution and take care while exiting the house.  To avoid the crisis, do recite Hanuman Chalisa daily in the morning.  There will be no new problem and mutual love will remain between all.  In the fourth week of the month, relatives will also have to come to the house.  During this time, busyness will be more.  You need to work hard.  There is a possibility of some loss in business, then in the same job you will be afraid of losing your job.  In this case, be patient.  Also keep a distance from office politics.  There will be concern about your future.  Students pursuing higher education will get full support of their seniors and their half-finished projects etc. will be completed.  Those who are unmarried may get a new spouse this month.  So stay alert and pay attention to your own improvement.  Married people will get full support of their husband or wife this month, which will increase the love between them more.  Due to old things in your relationship, there will be differences and there will be a rift in the relationship.  Single people can find a new spouse for themselves.

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