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How to please Hanuman ji on Tuesday to seek blessings of a happy life

Amisha Amisha My Jyotish Expert Updated Thu, 05 Aug 2021 10:00 PM IST
Lord Hanuman
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Today we will know how to please Hanuman Ji on Tuesday - Tuesday is considered auspicious in Hinduism and worshipping Hanuman Ji on this day yields good results. Readers should also know that if Mars is not in good condition in your horoscope, you can also calm it down by worshipping it on Tuesday. If your life is facing frequent problems, work is getting delayed, money accumulation is facing problems and health is not good, taking some measures on Tuesday can get rid of all the problems of life. Today, through this blog, we will explain some of the similar measures to be taken on Tuesday. Tuesday is the day of Anjani's son Lord Hanuman.

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On this day, if you do measure at any time - morning, evening, night; You will definitely get the desired results. Lord Hanuman is said to remove all suffering, and if you pray sincerely and sincerely for something, he provides everything. The measure we will discuss today will be fruitful at any time on Tuesday. 

According to Hindu scriptures, a person can get special benefits if he follows specific measures of instruments associated with God or goddess that they are trying to please. Similarly, by taking measures of Hanuman Ji on Tuesdays, money is earned and one gets rid of difficulties.

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How To Make Lord Hanuman Happy-
  1. Take a bath on Tuesday and go to your place of worship (temple set up at home). Install hanuman yantra, which is silver or copper, by laying a red cloth in the west direction. 
  2.  Light a ghee lamp just in front of the installed machine. 
  3. Now sit on a red mat (asana) and chant " hain hanumate rudratakaya " (om haan hanumate rudrunmay hun phat) five thousand times. 
  4. If you want to know more about Tuesday's measures, click here to see our special web story on it! 
  5.  Offer cow ghee ahuti in a havan kund chanting the above mantra. 
  6.  After the havan is complete (worshipping God in front of the fire), rotate the yantra 21 times over the
  7. Havan Kund, place it in your place of worship, and then keep it in your pocket.
  8.  Finally, apply the ashes of the havan on your forehead and throat. 
  9.  After this ritual, the attainment of Hanuman Yantra is completed. 

Always carry hanuman yantra with you, as it will not only relieve all the problems in your life but also bless you with money and wealth. You will not face any kind of trouble for the rest of your life after taking this special measure on Tuesday.

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