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Vastu Astrology 2022: Know the 22 items to keep around your house to fill it with positivity

Sweksha My Jyotish Expert Updated Fri, 24 Jun 2022 02:10 PM IST
Vastu Astrology 2022: Know the 22 items to keep around your house to fill it with positivity
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22 Lucky Items to Keep Around the House, According to Vastu Astrologers
Who wouldn't want a renaissance that involves bringing positive energy into their home? And to make that part simple, there are several Vastu Shastra-approved customs and trinkets that are all designed to drive away unfavorable energy from your environment and replace them with positive ones.

As you may be aware, nature is made up of five main elements: fire, water, air, earth, and space. And each of these exudes certain energy, the reflection of which might favorably abound in fortune, health, and prosperity in your life.

There are some reasonably priced and cute things out there that have an eye for these energies, even though we humans can only do so much to attract them.
Following that, here is a list of 22 lucky items to have about your house in accordance with Vastu that will make it a happy place to be. Be careful! ahead, a high road!

1.    Bamboo
If you're thinking about getting a bamboo plant for good luck, we advise wrapping it in a crimson ribbon. In Vastu Shastra, the bamboo symbolizes wood, while the red ribbon stands for fire. Together, they stand for life's ideal balance.
While a bamboo plant may be placed anywhere in the home, keeping bamboo facing east will improve family health in addition to obviously enhancing the appearance of your property.

2.    Buddha
Buddha or chuckle Buddha statues are thought to bring prosperity, tranquility, success, and health when put in the southeast corner of the home. The availability of Buddha sculptures in a variety of forms, known as Mudras, is the finest feature of Buddhist décor. Simply said, a mudra is a sitting position Buddha utilized for meditation. Anjali Mudra, Varada Mudra, Karana Mudra, and many others are a few examples.
Each of these positions denotes a different act, and they all ultimately lead one closer to Nirvana.

3. Burn sage
The fastest way to fend off negative energy from one's area is allegedly by burning white sage. In addition to its Vastu benefits, sage smoke also helps clear the air of pathogens, repels insects and enhances the home's general intuitiveness.

4. Tortoise 
Usually, the advice from our knowledgeable astrologers is to wear a turtle ring. How come? Chinese astrology is where the benefits of wearing a tortoise ring are most revered. According to Chinese folklore, tortoises provide longevity and uplifting vitality to households.
an iron tortoise - Northwest or up north
a wooden turtle - South-east or east
Crystal/glass tortoise - either the north or the west
 Stone Tortoise - West
There are numerous varieties of turtle figurines, each of which rules a particular direction. Wednesdays and Fridays are the greatest days to bring a tortoise home.

5. Dreamcatcher
If you didn't know, a dreamcatcher typically finds a spot over a child's bed to prevent nightmares from ruining their sleep.
According to Vastu, dreamcatchers are made with a special spider web pattern that only allows pleasant dreams to enter and flow through to the child through the feathers tucked with the pattern. Therefore, you might think about buying a dreamcatcher for Vastu purposes if you have kids at home.

6. Water Fountain
According to the greatest Vastu principles for homes, instead of a water feature, you could want to think about purchasing a painting that depicts a river running to draw good energy.
However, if you choose to install a water feature inside the home, make sure it is always facing north. Additionally, you should never ever install the fountain in your home's south, southeast, or west. For improved outcomes, you might also think about putting a Buddha statue close to the fountain.

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