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Vastu Tips 2022: Avoid Doing and Buying These Things on Tuesday

Aishwarya Keshari MyJyotish Expert Updated Sat, 08 Jan 2022 10:27 AM IST
Bajrang Baan
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Don’t eat eggs on Tuesday, don’t cut your nails on Tuesday, don’t get a haircut on Tuesday. We all, once in a lifetime, have been told the same by our elders. But what is the basis of our elders telling us to do something on Tuesday and things that we should not do on Tuesday? Well, in this blog, we will clear all such doubts of yours. Also, if you wish to find out the things that you must not do on Saturday as per astrology, you can check the same from here.
In Hinduism, each day of the week is dedicated to one God and a planet. As per astrology, Tuesday is the day of Bajrangbali and also a day devoted to planet Mars or Mangal. Worshipping the God on his day is considered auspicious. And similarly, doing things that aren’t liked by God, inauspicious.
When it comes to Mars, the planet Mars is the force behind one’s might, valour and courage. Due to its red colour, the planet Mars also has a special effect on one’s blood. Our astrologers say that worshipping Mars on Tuesdays can help one get rid of Mangal or Manglik dosha. 
In astrology, a person can have a low, medium and high mangal dosh in their horoscope. While low and medium Manglik dosh is not a matter of worry, most of the time, but having a high Manglik dosh might affect you negatively. Manglik dosh is known to cause a delay in marriage for some natives. So it is best you follow the remedies to please the planet Mars, whenever possible. And honestly, pleasing Mars won’t be possible if you are doing or buying these things on Tuesday. 

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