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Karthik Purnima 2021: 5 important remedies to be taken to end money crisis

My jyotish expert Updated 10 Nov 2021 11:32 AM IST
Kartik Purnima
Kartik Purnima - Photo : Google
kartik Purnima 2021 : 19th November 2021 Kartik Purnima will be celebrated on Friday. This purnama is considered to be the most important full moon. This day is also known as Dev Diwali as the deities bathe on the banks of the Ganges and celebrate the attainment of heaven by lighting lamps. Let us know which 5 measures can put an end to the money problem in your life and make you rich.
1. Worship six Ascetic sacrips: On this day, at the time of moonrise, worship the six ascetic sacrips, Shiva, Sambhuti, Preeti, Santi Anasuya and Kshama, because these masters are the mothers of Kartik and Kartikeya, Khadgi, Varun Hutasan and Sasuk are worth adorning over the door in the evening. Therefore, worshipping them properly with incense lamps, offerings increases the qualities of bravery, strength, patience, etc. At the same time, there is an increase in wealth and grain.
2. Deepadan: According to the beliefs, on the day of Deepawali, all the deities come to the ghats of river Ganga and light lamps to show their happiness. That is why Deepadan is of great importance. Deepadan in rivers, ponds, etc., eliminates all kinds of crises and also relieves the debt of the people.
On Kartik Purnima must tie a torana made of mango leaves at the main gate of the house and light lamps all around like Deepawali.
3. Tulsi Puja : Worship, consumption and service of Tulsi along with Shaligram is of utmost importance on this day. The importance of Tulsi Puja is considered manifold in this Kartik month. Tirth puja, Ganga Puja, Vishnu Puja, Lakshmi Puja and Yagna and Havan are also of great importance on this day. Therefore, it has the infinite fruits of bathing, charity, home, yagna and worship etc. On this day, light a lamp in front of Tulsi so that your desires are fulfilled and poverty is removed.
4. Purnima Fast : Fasting is also of great importance on this day. By fasting on this day, remembering God, meditating on it yields the same fruits as agnistom yagna and attains the sun. Starting from Kartiki Purnima, fasting and awakening every full moon at night proves all the manorathas. Kartik Vrat is completed on this day after kartik purnima bath. At the same time, the ritual of listening to Shri Satyanarayana Katha begins with sacred deeds like bathing on every full moon by taking a pledge of purnima vrat for one year from Kartik Purnima.
5. Fruit of Charity : On this day Danadika is the same fruit as ten yagnas. Donations are also of great importance on this day. Donate food, donate clothes and whatever others can donate to your capacity. This maintains wealth and prosperity in the family.

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